End-to-end enterprise automation, mobility, automatic identification, and data capture solutions for performance-driven organizations.

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Optimize and improve the performance, security, and resiliency of your network so your workforce stays productive and connected.

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Security technologies that have the power to keep your organization, employees, and customers safe from network, data, and facility breaches.

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IoT and communication technologies give you the power to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over your internet network.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data using tags, readers, and antennas, in an effort to automatically identify and track inventory and assets. RFID provides a unique identifier on materials or goods that can be read almost instantaneously, providing systems with information for automation and decision-making. Compared to traditional barcode scanning for inventory control, RFID provides accuracy, efficiency, and security in the supply chain.

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Warehouse Management

We provide organizations with the ability to easily manage and monitor the movement of inventory throughout the supply chain. We’ll help you gain insights into tracking and management of receiving, internal material movements, manufacturing, shipping transactions, and more with the level of customization, you demand.

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Real-Time Location Systems

We can provide you a competitive edge with location solutions that not only automatically sense the location of your assets and inventory, help improve the safety of your people and streamline your production line, but also allow you to ramp up productivity, boost efficiency and grow your business. Zebra MotionWorks arms you with actionable insights so you can optimize your business at the performance edge.

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Wireless Networking

We enable organizations to fully optimize and deploy robust and unified wireless networks for their facility’s IT infrastructure. A properly installed network gives you the ability to see the location, motion, and state of enterprise assets, people, and transactions. Our team can help you seize the power of today’s technology to convert the physical into digital intelligence ultimately, changing your outlook and your outcomes.

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Barcode Label Design and Management

Simplify your barcode labeling process through print automation, label management, and browser-based printing. We’ll give you the tools you need to easily and efficiently design labels and other documents, connect those designs to live database data, integrate automated printing with existing business systems, and launch print requests from any system, OS, or device.

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Industrial Cybersecurity

We provide a complete industrial cybersecurity solution that comprises Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Edge technologies. Highly flexible and rapid deployment options enable The Claroty Platform to reveal and protect all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets within the network while automatically detecting the earliest indicators of threats to those assets via proprietary detection technologies.

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Facility Security Systems

Picking a security solution is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. We provide a wide range of security products and systems for communications that include video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and more. Our powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems allow us to offer superior products that meet your specific applications and security requirements.

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Voice Picking

When it comes to voice picking we provide modular solutions that deliver accurate real-time insights which enable you to adapt swiftly to meet ever-changing supply chain challenges. As a solutions provider in the SAP supply chain space, we empower your organization to simplify warehouse management, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

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Field Mobility

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Fortunately, we deliver seamless service in the field with leading-edge solutions and products that improve customer satisfaction with a lower cost per interaction by keeping service representatives connected with colleagues, customers, management, and the tools they use to satisfy customers across the supply chain. Our mobility solutions are perfect for fleet management, direct store delivery, and proof of pick-up and delivery.

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Device Management

Maximize your organization’s productivity and gain control of your devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from provisioning to retirement. Managing mobile devices across multiple locations and end users requires careful planning and setup. This is why we help you implement a custom mobile device management solution that ensures your mobile devices are ready for your business demands, today and tomorrow.

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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure temperature, threshold heat events, freeze events, or a combination, we provide a wide range of time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive goods such as vaccines, medicines, and food. We’ll work with your team to help you select and customize indicator products that fit your product’s stability profile and shipping needs and to develop a customized logistical implementation plan.

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Keep your operations running at peak performance with quick technology repair and support services.

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A full suite of RFID solutions and services, specializing in assisting organizations to achieve increased visibility.

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We’ll analyze your technology infrastructure, workflows, and processes, to provide you with innovative solutions and best practice insights.

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Optimize your network by reaching users wherever they are. We can help you deploy a robust and unified wireless network for your IT infrastructure.

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We can develop custom software solutions or augment your existing application to help create efficiencies, optimize workflow and improve your bottom line.

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Our deployment services prepare each of your devices or solutions for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle.

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Today’s fast-paced operations demand undisrupted efficiency and complete visibility. That’s why when Hunt Country Components sought to optimize its tracking system, ValuTrack empowered its manufacturing facilities with Zebra’s purpose-built RFID technologies to achieve maximum visibility and operational excellence. We provide a complete portfolio of RFID products and services to promote future growth.

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