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AML provides mobile computers for barcode data collection that are cost-effective and easy to use for a wide range of business needs. Mobile computing with barcode scanning is necessary for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors to minimize data entry errors and make real-time data available immediately to the people who need it. Headquartered in the Dallas-Forth area, all of AML’s products are manufactured in the US. Domestic manufacturing enables AML to provide shorter lead times so that you can implement new technologies faster.  All AML mobile computers include a license-free inventory management application known as DC Suite. Talk to a ValuTrack Technology Specialist to learn how AML’s mobile computers keep your organization efficient and competitive.

The Scepter mobile computer brings the “big screen” to the rugged mobile device marketplace. With a 5″ LCD it offers the largest display available on any non-tablet device. A larger display is beneficial for reviewing more data and faster task completion. The Scepter has various barcode scan engines such as 2D barcode scanning capabilities. Powered by Android, the Scepter is perfectly suited for either cloud-based or on-premise inventory management systems, using modern terminal emulation clients or the onboard web browser.

It’s also rich with a variety of options such as a pistol-grip handle, multiple keypad options, and a variety of barcode scan engines to accommodate different application requirements. Specifically designed for industrial applications, the Scepter defines ruggedness and reliability and raises the bar when it comes to performance.

The Scepter was engineered for manufacturing and warehouse barcode scanning applications, and more specifically, for inventory control tasks. The oversized 5″ LCD offers plenty of screen space to accommodate more viewable data, especially for web-based applications. The added capability of long-range barcode scanning makes the Scepter the ideal choice for distribution centers and with 2D barcode scanning capability, any barcode can be read in any orientation. While Windows-based barcode scanning devices are being retired in the industrial markets, rugged handheld computers running the Android operating system are the most ideal replacement devices.

Striker is the continuation of AML’s development of American-Made, Android-based mobile computers. A smaller, more lightweight version of our popular Scepter mobile computer, Striker delivers on affordability, durability, and versatility. The combination of these attributes makes Striker the ideal android mobile computer for barcode scanning in a wide variety of applications ranging from distribution, manufacturing, retail, and commercial deployments. Striker is perfect for manufacturing and warehouse barcode scanning for inventory control applications due to its size, weight, and ergonomic design. The added feature of long-range barcode scanning emphasizes its versatility for use in distribution centers.

Striker comes with several AML applications that ease configuration and allows users to tailor the device performance to meet their application needs. In addition to the built-in utilities, our popular DC Suite software for simple batch data collection applications is preloaded on Striker. The software comes with seven pre-written applications that will cover the most common barcode data capture tasks, like cycle counting.

Striker comes preloaded with Ivanti’s Velocity terminal emulation software powered by Wavelink. For users that are more familiar with telnet connections to legacy systems, Striker is preloaded with a basic, text-based terminal emulation client specifically for VT220 applications. This TE client from Glink is licensed and ready to use.

The Solo data collection handheld is a true radio-free device for completing barcode data collection tasks in secure air gap environments where the presence of radios or radio components is strictly forbidden.  All or parts of some military bases, defense contractors, and government agencies may operate with a total ban on any device containing a radio of any kind, including cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

Solo comes preloaded with AML’s popular DC Suite software to complete a variety of tasks including cycle counts, tracking assets, or checking tools in or out.  Once your data collection is complete, simply upload the data to a secure PC via the provided USB port.  DC Suite includes seven pre-written applications, but users can create their own applications by downloading DC Console from the AML website.

Solo not only provides the ideal hardware/software solution for barcode data collection tasks but also eliminates all security concerns related to network security breaches. While many military and government institutions may still be using pen and paper as their primary inventory management system, tracking assets using a barcoding system will always be the most efficient and accurate way to complete the job. Solo is configurable with or without a pistol grip handle, two different keypad options, various barcode scanner technologies, and a variety of charging accessory options.

The TDX20 is an exceptional wireless mobile computing tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of wireless data communication is preferred over wired methods, and where acquisition cost is an important factor when selecting a data collection device. Designed for light-to-medium duty environments, the TDX20 allows users to go wireless when collecting data for a variety of applications including inventory control and asset tracking.

The TDX20 handheld inventory scanner comes equipped with Internet Explorer for web-based and cloud applications, and a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which is designed specifically for wireless mobile computing to complete traditional inventory-related tasks. DC Suite can be “Wi-Fi enabled” with the addition of DC Uplink. And because the TDX20 runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro, many third-party software packages will run on it as well.

Any barcode scanning task requires a minimum of two components: a scanner to scan the barcode, and software to collect the data. The LDX10 provides both as a complete out-of-the-box solution. By itself, the LDX10 handheld mobile computer makes for quick and easy barcode scanning in a lightweight, ergonomically-friendly device. The base model can scan 1-dimensional barcodes like UPC, Code 39, or Code 128 symbologies. The enhanced model with the 2D Imager can read 1D barcodes as well, but can also read 2-dimensional barcodes like QR codes.

What makes the LDX10 such an exceptional value is that it comes pre-loaded with our popular DC Suite software, which includes seven applications for everyday tasks like cycle counting and asset tracking. DC Console is a powerful program generator that allows anyone, including non-programmers, to modify the existing DC Suite applications, or create brand new ones. DC Console is available free of charge to LDX10 users.

Most users can simply charge the battery of the LDX10, select one of the pre-loaded applications, and go to work. Once they have collected their data, the file can be uploaded to a PC over a USB connection. Data can also be accessed using Microsoft Excel or uploaded as a text file into third-party accounting or inventory software.

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