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Asset Tracking and Inventory Control Management

Deliver Visibility and Accountability to your Organization

Asset Tracking and Inventory Control Management are critical components of improving business operations. From raw materials in manufacturing to the finished goods in your warehouse, distribution, or fulfillment centers, maintaining real-time visibility is paramount to achieving your performance edge. Our data-driven solutions combine our innovative hardware, software, and analytics to optimize and deliver the best next action at the front line of your business. We’ll help you gain insights into tracking and management of receiving, internal material movements, manufacturing, shipping transactions, and more with the level of customization, you demand.

Today’s fast-paced operations demand undisrupted efficiency and complete visibility. That’s why when Hunt Country Components sought to optimize its tracking system, ValuTrack empowered its manufacturing facilities with Zebra’s purpose-built RFID technologies to achieve maximum visibility and operational excellence. We provide a complete portfolio of RFID products and services to promote future growth.

RFID is an incredible application of technology for accuracy, efficiency, and security in the supply chain. RFID provides a unique identifier on materials or goods that can be read almost instantaneously, providing systems with information for automation and decision-making. In order to maximize those benefits, it is important to properly configure and tune RFID readers for the operating environment. That’s where we come in.

We provide a full suite of solutions and services, specializing in assisting organizations to achieve a higher level of efficiency and accuracy than ever before while freeing up human resources to focus on more important revenue-generating tasks. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to reshape your organization by providing you with complete visibility of your assets so that you can make intuitive business decisions. Our team of industry-specific experts works closely with you and your organization to understand your goals, provide insight into best practices, and establish a metrics-focused strategy that will deliver outstanding value. It’s our in-depth experience, leading-edge RFID services, and top-notch customer support that provides transformational and scalable business solutions.

RFID Hardware Solutions

Automate the Process of Tracking Inventory, Assets, and Data Collection with Barcode/RFID Software

HAL Systems, Inc. develops sophisticated software that is configurable and browser-based, giving users any time, anywhere access to critical tracking information without disrupting supply chain distribution. With solutions for small, mid-sized, and enterprise distributors and manufacturers, we integrate barcode and RFID technology that meets the requirements of any organization looking to increase visibility and control.

Asset Tracking Software

Playing a crucial role in fulfilling promises to customers in many industries, track and traceability give extraordinary value to businesses, with benefits beyond compliance. Whether your business is manufacturing, distributing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical, baking, or industrial—failing to acquire a way to accurately track and trace materials could result in a lack of productivity and inefficiency.

Our sophisticated asset-tracking software solutions are affordable and geared to scale to any sized business whether it be small, mid-sized, or an enterprise. To keep tracking and traceability in the game, advanced RFID technology allows for seamless tracking of materials “on the go,” while minimizing supply chain disruption. We’ll help you eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets, streamlines physical inventories, and empower you to take control of your organization’s supply chain.

Inventory Control Software

HAL Traxx Assets is a barcoding and tracking system that identifies and locates assets stored in fixed, mobile, and customer locations. Using barcoding and RFID technology, HAL Traxx optimizes business processes by identifying and locating items in the warehouse and beyond. This inventory control software solution keeps you informed on what’s in or out of stock and when you should order more, helping you monitor usage rates, avoid waste and take control of your stockroom inventories.

The browser-based architecture of HAL Traxx Mobile extends the capability of businesses to track products, providing real-time, instant access to all critical information regarding the location and movement of items. HAL Traxx Assets interfaces with the asset management module of your host accounting system so that you can keep records of finances as inventory comes and goes. Whether you are seeking a simple business solution for tracking inventory or a customized option with advanced features, we’re happy to configure a unique, high-value solution that will easily interface with other business systems in your world—all at a lower cost. A ValuTrack inventory control specialist can help you assess your organization’s needs and deliver a complete inventory control system.

The True Value of ValuTrack

ValuTrack is a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise mobility, barcode printing, and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions

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