Deliver Visibility and Accountability to your Organization

In today’s world, inventory needs to be accessible to people across business organizations—both internally and externally. While feature-rich software costing tens of thousands of dollars is easily implemented by larger enterprise organizations, HAL Systems, Inc. recognizes that small to mid-sized businesses deserve the same competitive advantage awarded to large companies when it comes to inventory tracking and traceability. With browser-based software that operates “in the cloud,” HAL Systems, Inc. brings affordable solutions that are modern, customized, secure, and scalable. In turn, solutions work easily with existing hardware, releasing businesses from the cost complexities associated with special devices.

Asset Tracking: Manage equipment and other valuable items effortlessly using barcode or RFID.

Inventory Control: Provides item-level information. Organizations avoid stockouts and streamline their reorder processes.

Check-In / Check-Out: Eliminate paperwork, and increase visibility and accountability with check-in / check-out software.

Asset Tracking Software

Playing a crucial role in fulfilling promises to customers in many industries, track and traceability give extraordinary value to businesses, with benefits beyond compliance. Whether your business is manufacturing, distributing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical, baking, or industrial—failing to acquire a way to accurately track and trace materials could result in extensive brand damage. Unfortunately, for small to mid-sized businesses with complex or more than standard needs, software packages are often out of reach financially. This is where HAL Systems, Inc. comes in.

Sophisticated software solutions that are affordable and geared towards small to mid-sized businesses are the wheelhouse of HAL Systems, Inc. To keep tracking and traceability in the game, advanced technology called Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is used. In the form of a tag or chip, RFID is a wireless technology allowing for seamless tracking of materials “on the go,” while minimizing supply chain disruption

Asset tracking software eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets, streamlines physical inventories, and helps you take control of your organization’s valuable property.  If you have 500 or more fixed assets and you don’t have a system in place, it’s costing you time and money. A ValuTrack asset tracking specialist can help you assess your organization’s needs and deliver a complete asset tracking system that makes monitoring and reporting for your organization easier.

Inventory Control Software

HAL Traxx Assets is a bar-coding and tracking system that identifies and locates assets stored in fixed, mobile, and customer locations. HAL Traxx Assets interfaces with the asset management module of your host accounting system. The HAL Traxx Assets solution includes radio frequency (RF) terminals, scanners, bar code printers, and the HAL Traxx Assets software.

Using barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, HAL Traxx Inventory optimizes business processes by identifying and locating items in the warehouse and beyond. The browser-based architecture of HAL Traxx Mobile extends the capability of businesses to track products, providing real-time, instant access to all critical information regarding the location and movement of items. The same technology is used to track company assets as well, with HAL Traxx Assets.

Whether you are seeking a simple business solution for tracking inventory or a customized option with advanced features, HAL Systems, Inc. is happy to configure a unique, high-value solution that will easily interface with other business systems in your world—all at a lower cost.

Inventory control software tells you what’s in stock and when to order more. It helps you monitor usage rates, avoid waste and take control of your stockroom inventories. A ValuTrack inventory control specialist can help you assess your organization’s needs and deliver a complete inventory control system.

Check-in /Check-out Software

Specializing in meeting challenges for small to mid-sized businesses that other companies might consider too small, difficult, or unusual, HAL Systems, Inc. provides complex, yet affordable software solutions. When it comes to tracking and traceability of assets, HAL Systems makes it easy for businesses to get going with browser-based software through simple, real-time tracking of tools between fixed, mobile, and customer locations.

Designed to enhance the functionality of HAL Traxx Inventory, HAL Traxx Mobile provides optimal management and tracking of tools across many industries with advanced barcode scanning and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Some industries include HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing, Industrial Battery and controls, Fire and Safety systems, and Elevator/Escalator businesses. Configured with HAL Traxx Assets, the browser-based applications at HAL Systems also enable businesses to track critical tools that are owned by the company and have been deployed to customer locations.

Operating as a service, HAL Systems, Inc. develops sophisticated software that is configurable and browser-based, giving users any time, anywhere access to critical tracking information without disrupting supply chain distribution. A ValuTrack specialist can help you assess your organization’s needs and deliver a complete check-in / check-out system.

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