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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Solutions

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Solutions2024-07-11T19:30:58+04:00

Unlock Real-Time Visibility with Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Solutions

Unlock Real-Time Visibility with Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Solutions

Improve upstream ordering accuracy, increase operational visibility and generate actionable data to identify causes of profit loss and inventory shrink in real time, understand why losses occur, and how to fix them.

Minimize Theft and Product Shrinkage

If you could see everything happening in your store in real time, you would have the information you need to protect your assets, minimize shrink, waste, cash loss, theft and fraud. Our strategic retail loss prevention solutions let you protect assets and prevent loss through your retail store. Let’s detect patterns and identify anomalies. Let’s communicate easily and integrate workflows. With ValuTrack’s retail loss prevention solutions, you can ensure your store doesn’t become a target for theft.
  • Effortless Improvement: ValuTrack’s deep understanding of retail workflows makes it easy to deploy and manage our loss prevention solutions. They provide a practical way to decipher big data and power timely corrective actions, at scale.
  • Actionable Workflows: Automatically assign the right corrective actions to the individuals best able to address each opportunity in real time. No need to leave money on the table.
  • Combat Total Retail Loss: From stopping fraud to minimizing inventory shrink, our loss prevention solutions cover all sources of total retail loss. Leverage them to help you act on opportunities to plug leaks at scale.
You can count on us to assist your store in protecting your assets to minimize shrink, waste, cash loss, theft and fraud.  We specialize in selecting, implementing, and supporting the ideal hardware and software solutions to help retail businesses achieve their productivity goals and improve business outcomes.

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Solutions

A wide range of security systems for communications including video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and more.
Achieve full-scale enterprise visibility using RFID tags and readers to track inventory, assets, and important data analytics.
The use of coded patterns, often parallel lines, to represent and quickly identify items, for efficient tracking and data capture.
Capture real-time data and increase efficiency and productivity inside the four walls or out in the field, with mobile computers.
Leverage an MDM to secure, manage, and remotely monitor mobile devices, ensuring data protection and compliance.
Leverage AI and machine learning with Zebra Workcloud software, designed to engage your employees and optimize inventory management.

The Importance of Physical Security Infrastructure

Physical security systems are crucial components for businesses, providing a robust framework to safeguard assets, premises, and personnel. These systems encompass a range of technologies and measures designed to deter, detect, and respond to unauthorized access, theft, or other security threats. The importance of physical security systems for businesses is multi-faceted.
  • Asset Protection: Businesses invest heavily in physical assets such as equipment, inventory, and infrastructure. Physical security systems, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarms, act as deterrents to potential thieves and vandals, protecting valuable assets.
  • Personnel Safety: Ensuring the safety of employees and visitors is paramount. Access control systems, security lighting, and surveillance cameras contribute to creating a secure environment, reducing the risk of unauthorized individuals entering restricted areas.
  • Theft Prevention: Retail businesses, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities are susceptible to theft. Physical security measures like video surveillance and alarm systems act as deterrents and aid in identifying and apprehending perpetrators, reducing the risk of losses.
  • Liability Mitigation: In the event of security incidents or accidents, having a robust physical security system in place can help mitigate liability. Video footage, access logs, and other data collected by these systems can serve as crucial evidence in investigations or legal proceedings.



Elevate Your Customer Experience

Create an elevated shopping experience for your customers. Enhance checkout, integrate in-store and online experiences and keep customers coming back by eliminating friction and empowering your associates with intelligent tools to improve customer service.
  • Reduce customer wait times by 23%
  • Increase checkout speed by 32%
  • Improve store/item accuracy by 6%



Transform Workers into Engaged Associates

Employee retention and engagement are critical to your success. At Zebra, we understand the intricacies of empowering associates. Let us guide your modernization journey as you ensure all your associates are as productive, empowered and engaged as possible.
  • Unlock 15 hours of store productivity per week
  • Achieve 95% on-time task completion
  • Increase time spent with customers by 20%



Achieve Optimized Inventory

Gain greater control over your inventory today. Deliver what customers want, when and where they want it with unmatched accuracy across in-store and online channels through Zebra’s Modern Store framework.
  • Reduce product waste shrink rates by 27%
  • Increase forecast accuracy by 9%
  • Achieve 98% inventory accuracy

Empower Operational Excellence with the Hardware you Need

More is expected of you every day, and as a result, you expect more from your technology. Discover your performance edge with scanners, mobile computers, and printers with features to help you perform even better.

Combat Retail Theft and Inventory Shrink Today!

Ready to elevate your retail operations with advanced Loss Prevention and Asset Protection solutions? Contact us today for tailored strategies that streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate and effective protection of assets, empowering you to optimize operations and safeguard your business effectively.

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