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Barcode Technology

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Automation and Visibility Barcode Solutions

Barcode technology offers numerous benefits to a wide array of businesses. With some basic printing equipment and a readily available scanner, businesses can improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency without significant expense. Because nearly every package features some sort of barcode, businesses can use the technology to maintain tight and accurate control over inventory. We help organizations improve data accuracy and efficiency, enhancing inventory and asset management workflows with the use of AIDC technologies.

Enterprise Solutions and Services

Save time and achieve maximum visibility of your enterprise assets by capturing critical information from every point of your business. We provide a wide variety of comprehensive solutions that utilizes barcoding technology including Warehouse Management Systems, Enterprise Labeling, Customer Order System Tracking, Real-Time Location System, and more.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Real-time, browser-based warehouse management software designed to make inventory control, shipping, and receiving, to order fulfillment more efficient.

Barcode Label Design and Printing

Create, automate, and manage your labeling process with intuitive software that empowers print automation, label management, and browser-based printing.

RFID Services

A full suite of RFID solutions and services, that has the power to reshape an organization with complete visibility of your assets so that you can achieve a higher level of efficiency and accuracy.

Real-Time Location Systems

Automatically locate your assets and inventory, streamline your production line, and boost efficiency all while gaining a better understanding of your workflows.

Supply Chain Automation

A deep dive into your organization’s supply chain to understand its inner workings in order to provide insight into best practices, and establish a metrics-focused strategy that delivers great value.

Track the real-time status of jobs and labor empowering managers to make smarter decisions with an overview of work orders as they progress through production operations.

Eliminate costly downtime and increase control while enhancing worker productivity through the deployment of device management solutions.

 Improve the process of onboarding and integrating new technologies into your organization’s existing network and enterprise systems.

Barcoding Hardware

From manufacturing floors to warehouses and loading docks to receiving stations, we help organizations find a barcoding hardware solution to meet your specific application needs. We provide mobile and wearable computers/scanners, handheld readers, fixed readers, barcode printers, barcode verifiers, and electronic labels/tags that can help you manage assets and inventory.

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