The BellHawk Operations Management Software (OMS) includes extensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) capabilities. This includes tracking the status of work orders, materials, customer orders, inventory, work-in-process, employees, and optionally equipment, in real-time, in one integrated system. The BellHawk software uses barcode tracking and mobile data collection technologies to track the receipt of materials and their put-away, the processing of materials through a sequence of operations, as well as the shipping of the finished products to customers. Some of the MES applications of the BellHawk OMS software include:

  • Tracking the manufacturing, processing, transformation or conversion or assembly of materials into finished or intermediate products.
  • Tracking repair and recycling of equipment and materials.
  • Tracking make-to-order manufacturing as well as engineer-to-order, process-to-order, repair, refurbishment and construction projects.
  • Tracking batch processing of chemicals, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and supplements including mixing and packaging.
  • Tracking the testing of samples in laboratories as well as the reagents and equipment used in their testing.
  • Tracking labor and materials used on Department of Defense and other Government projects.
  • Tracking the status of work orders, customer orders, and work-in-process as well as raw, intermediate, and finished goods inventory in real-time, including materials being processed by subcontractors.
  • Tracking inventory, labor and equipment usage on work orders plus does activity based costing, including cost allocation over multiple concurrent work orders.
  • Capturing materials traceability data for standards compliance.
  • Provides industrial, medical and laboratory warehouse and stock room management capabilities including real-time inventory, equipment, and asset tracking.


The production tracking capabilities integrated within a base BH-OMS system include:

  • Ability to see the real-time status of work orders and customer orders anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection using a wide-variety of web-browser equipped devices.
  • Ability to specify routes, with bills of material for each step, and to produce barcoded travelers with which to track labor, work orders, and materials.
  • Ability to track work-in-process as it flows from one operation to another, either in a batch or as individual pieces.
  • Tracks labor consumed on work order operations as well as the elapsed time for each operation.
  • Tracks the consumption of materials on each operation and the production of finished goods, as well as unused materials returned to stock.
  • Tracks depletion of floor stock based on back-flushing as work products are reported out from each operation.
  • Error detection and mistake prevention, including preventing the use of wrong or expired materials on operations.
  • Tracks scrap and rework, plus secondary materials such as reusable scrap produced by operations.
  • Captures materials traceability and defect prevention data, including tracking raw materials, work-in-process and finished products consumed and produced in work order route steps by lot and serial numbers. This includes tracking which materials went into each finished unit or batch.
  • Tracks service, manufacturing/processing, assembly, and test/repair work orders.


The inventory tracking capabilities integrated within a base BellHawk OMS system include:

  • Provides real-time view of the status of raw, intermediate and finished goods inventory.
  • Tracks inventory using “license-plate” tracking methods making it easy to see the location of all raw, intermediate, WIP, and finished goods inventory in realtime.
  • Tracks materials by lot-number, container, location, and expiration date.
  • Tracks materials in nested containers, such as barcoded cartons on a barcoded pallet.
  • Tracks individually barcoded items including serial numbers.
  • Tracks receiving and put-away of raw goods materials.
  • Tracks packing and shipping of finished goods.
  • Tracks who handled each container of materials for traceability purposes.
  • Tracks returns to stock as well as scrapped inventory and inventory adjustments.
  • Performs “cycle-count” type inventory validation


Manufacturing Execution System
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