No matter the industry you are in, ClimaTrack can provide you with the real-time alerts you need to help you keep your climate-sensitive goods and products at the proper temperature and humidity. ClimaTrack is a wireless network sensor solution for Warehouses, Manufacturers, Shippers, Restaurants, Retail Groceries -or any organization concerned with tracking real-time temperature and humidity levels to ensure their goods meet the highest standards of quality and safety.























The chart shows the application interface of real-time temperature fluctuations so that you are able to carefully monitor the temperature of a specific sensor over time. When the temperature or humidity goes above a certain threshold, you will be immediately alerted.

The table shows the application interface of real-time temperature and humidity allowing you to monitor the climate of multiple sensors at a time. When the temperature or humidity goes above a certain threshold of any sensor, you will be immediately alerted.



ClimaTrace provides 24/7 visibility to the temperature and relative humidity levels to which your products are being exposed.  Of course, establishing preset tolerance thresholds means you can focus on your business and not worry about monitoring every manufacturing facility, and cold storage in your cold chain.  ClimaTrace manages the monitoring for you, whether you are shipping products across the town, the state, the country, or around the globe immediate alerts are sent to administrators, in real-time, should a breach occur.  Proactive, actionable data that allows your team to rectify the situation before any damage or loss of product occurs.



ClimaTrack’s ClimaTrace application, using GS1 standards, works with both data-loggers and real-time sensors to provide the visibility, monitoring, and management of temperature and relative humidity for food and beverage producers, growers, distributors, and retail grocers, needed to deliver the safest and freshest possible product to consumers.  Through a single dashboard, users can manage all of their transportation vehicles and warehouses around the state, country, or globe – the scope of control is only limited to the size of your business. You gain the end-to-end traceability needed throughout your supply chain, as well as, the enhanced product level visibility, proactive alert system, and actionable data necessary to resolve issues before product, financial and brand damages occur.



Product moving throughout the cold chain has at least one and sometimes many stops along the way.  The product passes through warehouses, distribution centers, and potentially other cold stores prior to reaching the end consumer.  Along each stage of its journey, the product could spend hours, days, or more in a holding facility.  Risk exists along with each link in this chain from potential exposure to outdoor weather to storing facilities not maintaining proper or uniform conditions throughout its four walls.  ClimaTrace keeps you informed of any such risks by providing real-time actionable data allowing you to avert any negative financial impact. In-depth record retention and data analytics allow for operational improvements within your cold chain ensuring product safety and security for future shipments.  Implementation of changes translates into cost savings.


What we do:

– Automate temperature and humidity monitoring, eliminating manual checks

– Provide Real-Time alerts via email and text should a problem occur

– Provide Audit Logs for Management, Regulators, and Inspectors

– Eliminate the risk of profit loss

– Offer a fully compliant HACCP and FSMA solution

– Use wireless sensors that can be placed virtually anywhere

– Deliver an affordable, scalable solution


What you get:

– Brand Protection

– Quality Control

– Batch-lot traceability

– Peace of mind that product temperature and humidity storage levels are precisely monitored

– Automation to eliminate human error

– Ability to set temperature and humidity thresholds per wireless sensor

– A real-time alert system should a problem occur, not hours or days later

– Ability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously

– More time to focus on your business

– Simple to use, highly robust scalable solution


Start automating the monitoring of all your freezers, refrigerators, ambient storage areas, and goods-in-transit and eliminate the human error factor today. For more information contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected]. We ask. We listen. We solve.