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We can provide you with the benefits of configurable software used to automate internal order tracking using barcode or RFID technology. The HAL Systems Customer Order System Tracking (COST) application is based on configurable software that makes flexibility, scalability, and affordability all possible. Traditional software, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are targeted around specific applications, with the premise that a targeted solution can be applied to many users that are more or less forced to accept the assumptions and business processes of the solution provider.  In many situations, an operation may not really need inventory control, it just needs to know the status of work-in-process internally for management as well as being able to accurately give order delivery timing to the customer.

Modern software architectures have changed systemization expectations.  Browser-based applications that use the web browser on hardware devices as the interface has eliminated the need for specific devices running embedded client software.  This not only opens hardware selection to the entire market of devices but also ‘futureproofs’ the system selection from being held hostage to device hardware/software limitations moving forward.  It also makes convenient the delivery of the software in The Cloud using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, eliminating the need for large upfront investments and IT infrastructure.  Browser-based applications contribute to simplifying network requirements – while traditional fixed Ethernet and wi-fi networks are applicable, mobile phone networks add significantly to the scope and scale of locations that can be easily operated within and also provide inexpensive backup infrastructure.

Generally, an order is printed in the office and attached to the physical goods, sometimes referred to as a traveler.  All the steps needed to complete the order are listed and the order proceeds stepwise through the facility as printed on the traveler.  In some cases, the traveler may need to be processed in a different order than is printed.  When all steps are completed, the printed traveler is returned to the office for shipping and invoicing.  The issue is that the status of the traveler is unknown to the office, which generally has the task of updating the customer on the delivery timing. This leads to running around the factory floor to determine the order status for customers who take for granted the convenience of Amazon and FedEx in being able to independently check on order timing. The answer to this time-consuming problem is the HAL Traxx Customer Order System Tracking

Required information for each order can be found in HAL Traxx associated with a unique identifier (barcode or RFID).  At each step, the unique identifier is updated with completion.  The office staff knows exactly what has been done, and what still needs to be done.  This is of great value both internally and externally.  Internally it can be used to manage capacity to ensure on-time deliveries.  Externally it can be used to update delivery timing and increase customer satisfaction.  If desired, automation such as email updates or a customer portal can be used to further provide benefits to make the manufacturer easy to do business with.

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