Electronic Shelf Labels are revolutionizing the manufacturing and warehousing industries. Display Data is leading the way when it comes to refining the manufacturing and warehousing workflows with labeling. Display Data’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) give you the ability to manage display labels from the tips of your fingers. Display Data’s smart electronic display solution can keep your teams updated with the information they need to work efficiently, accurately, and productively. Managed remotely, and wirelessly, they cut out time-consuming manual updates, saving your workers time while reducing your printing costs.


What’s more, the fully electronic displays can show clear and accurate information to workers. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can show as much information as you need, while the electronic displays are easily and securely fitted to just about anything, from shelves to bins to trollies, and more. With the electronic displays available in a choice of color combinations (red, black, and paperwhite or yellow, black, and paperwhite) you can use vivid border colors to alert workers to urgent actions – ideal for high-pressure replenishment tasks.


Battery-powered, easily fitted, and wirelessly managed, our electronic displays are more dynamic and durable than paper, and more cost-effective than LCDs or tablets. They’re also sleek and aesthetic and provide a cost-effective solution that supports the agile and timely flow of data around your plants to help teams work with greater speed and accuracy.




Automatically register goods:

With our electronic displays that have Bluetooth built-in fixed to component racks, inventory can be automatically and accurately registered – saving the time needed to manually capture data – with parts moved straight to the line in step with sequence numbers.


Optimize warehouse space:

As you relocate items in the warehouse the electronic displays can be easily updated to mirror these changes, clearly relaying what’s on the shelf, rack, or bin to ensure accuracy and compliance.


Enhance supermarket replenishment:

Workers can view a picklist on their trolley, and when they’re ready to replenish items, the electronic display will flip to show the next picklist.


Support efficient line performance:

Fitters can be confident that they have enough parts to hand with the electronic displays on their racks, updating sequence numbers as vehicles progress so reducing the tendency for fitters to over-order or panic and stop the line.


Intuitive software:

Dynamic Central software only needs to be installed on one server at your head office – physical or virtual – and allows you to update any number of electronic displays remotely, in seconds. And with simple drag-and-drop templates, you can easily re-design and update the layout of your electronic displays at any time. What’s more, the displays confirm that updates have been made and communicate their status back to you. This allows remote changes to be made to their settings to optimize display performance.


Powerful communicators:

Every electronic display is managed wirelessly, through small Dynamic Communicators powered over Ethernet. Each Communicator can connect with up to 200,000 electronic displays over 50,000 square feet and fits on a simple bracket, minimizing the financial impact of installation.


High-quality displays:

The electronic displays combine bright, vivid colors with sharp text to clearly display information that’s viewable through 180°. Each electronic display is battery powered, with long-lasting and replaceable batteries. The electronic displays also report back their battery life to avoid any downtime, and update on their status – such as whether planned changes have been made. Robust IP-rated Guard enclosures are also available that protect the electronic displays from dust, dirt, and bumps.


Touchless Paper


Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about how Electronic Shelf Labels are revolutionizing the manufacturing and warehousing industries. Let us help you figure out how to implement Display Data’s Electronic Shelf Labels into your business. For more information contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected]. We ask. We listen. We solve.