Whether you are delivering perishable or non perishable products automating your delivery process not only eliminates dual entry but can also greatly affect your bottom line and speed up your overall collection process. ValuTrack offers the MiT Systems Mobile software solution, in server client or SaaS model, to provide businesses with a highly flexible tool, while maintaining a simple user interface for rapid training and deployment. MiT’s solutions can quickly be configured to meet your business’ exact needs. If your delivery personnel also perform future orders this can quickly be added to your solution. MiT Delivery Solutions consist of the following:

  • Proof of Delivery Plus
    Encompasses the capabilities of traditional signature capture solutions “Plus” extra features to enable customers to perform many other tasks.
  • Delivery
    Delivery functionality that enables authorized final delivery adjustments so a clean invoice can be created.
  • Full Service Delivery
    A combination of MiT Sales Force and Delivery Solutions that enable delivery drivers to create future orders at either customer or route levels.


  • Real-Time or Batch Communication Options
    Facilitate wireless transmission of data from the field, through a dock at the end of the day — or a combination of both.
  • Finalized Delivery Ticket or Invoice Creation at the Point-of-Delivery
    Enable delivery adjustments on the fly with updated pricing.
  • Delivery Schedule Management
    Manage drivers’ delivery schedules for orders and returns.
  • Delivery and Return/Pickup Capabilities
    Manage returns and deliveries with the same simple process.
  • Inventory Management
    Track vehicle inventory throughout the day’s transactions and ensure driver accountability.
  • A/R and Payment Receipt
    Empower delivery personnel to collect customer payments at the invoice or account level.
  • Signature Capture
    Provide a digital and or paper proof of delivery so customers can access and reprint invoices at any time.
  • Data Capture
    Capture valuable information such as inventory level, competitive information, etc., while your personnel are in the field.

In addition to the MiT Delivery Solutions,  MiT offers Dashboard Applications (Apps) which will provide your business with all the tools necessary to manage and monitor your delivery workforce. These Apps are used to supplement your back office solution– ultimately providing you with a robust delivery solution that not only automates your workforce but also improves visibility throughout the supply chain. The MiT suite currently offers the following Dashboard Applications:

  • Distribution Dashboard
    Capabilities enable all stakeholders to have real-time visibility to deliveries and delivery status.
  • Route Settlement Dashboard
    Features enables delivery routes to be quickly settled at the completion of the day.
  • Route Schedule Optimization
    Quickly build route schedules using an advanced graphical mapping interface for the most optimal stop sequence

To learn more about the features and benefits of MiT Delivery Solutions contact a ValuTrack specialist today.


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