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Now you can easily print high-quality, customized color labels, tickets, and tags in-house, as and when you need them. Epson’s on-demand inkjet color label printers eliminate the traditional problems of thermal overprinting. No more delays, disruption, waste, or inconvenience. No more pre-printed label inventory, production downtime, lost orders, or late shipments. From manufacturing and retail to pharmaceutical, healthcare, and ticketing, there’s a ColorWorks product that can make a real difference by giving you the flexibility to print the labels you need, when you need them. The ColorWorks C6000 Series, C6500 Series, C7500 Series, C3500, and C831 are also ideal for companies that want to print labels that comply with the latest GHS (Globally Harmonised System) standards for chemical labeling.

ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 Series Color Label Printers

The C6000 and C6500 series benefit from a wealth of new features that are designed to provide practical and creative solutions. Th eC6000 supports media widths, from 25.4mm to 112mm, and boasts expanded media support which even includes textured paper. Whereas the C6500 supports media widths, from 25.4mm to 215.9mm, and boasts the same expanded media support as the C6000. In practical terms, this range of ColorWorks label printers can print anything from tiny labels for vaping liquid bottles, to large durable labels that are suitable for chemical drums. The matte black ink version (for both Pe and Ae models) also provides users with increased print finish flexibility on textured or plain paper.

These label printers offer high-quality, high-resolution, four-color print output as standard; along with color matching functionality (ICC profile and spot color matching tool) for impressive, impactful, on-demand color labels. The series has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. All operations can be carried out from the front, which saves on operation space. The roll replacement is possible from the front, right, and left. We’ve also designed a number of technical tools to help with printer management, configuration, and maintenance, including web interface and printer fleet management, remote configuration, maintenance, and monitoring.

These on-demand, digital, four-color label printers open up new opportunities for businesses with lots of SKUs to manage and not much time. The C6000 and C6500 Series meet the needs of small to medium batch customers across many sectors (food, chemical, beverage, manufacturing, etc.). The series includes peeler-equipped (P) and auto-cutter (A) models.

Key Features of CW-C6000 Series:

  • Media Flexibility Expanded media support. Label widths from 25.4mm to 112mm
  • Reliable printers speed through labels at up to 5″ per second
  • 1200 dpi resolution produces crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels
  • Compact Simple, unobtrusive design with front panel operation
  • Built-in peeler model (CW-C6000P) For print-and-apply production line goods.
  • Auto-cutter model (CW-C6000A) For chemical, food & beverage, horticulture, and logistics
  • Matte black ink version Available for both CW-C6000A and CW-C6000P models

Key Features of CW-C6500 Series:

  • Media Flexibility Expanded media support. Label widths from 25.4mm to 215.9mm
  • Compact Simple, unobtrusive design with front panel operation
  • Built-in peeler model (CW-C6500P) For print-and-apply production line goods.
  • Auto-cutter model (CW-C6500A) For chemical, food & beverage, horticulture, and logistics – primary and secondary labeling.
  • Matte black ink version Available for both CW-C6500A and CW-C6500P models

Epson ColorWorks C7500

The C7500 can help manufacturers produce consistent, high-quality labels in-house and on-demand. The printer features the new PrecisionCore printhead to ensure reliable, high-quality results. Our unique Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and dot substitution help prevent misprints and dead pixels for consistent printouts.

High-quality industrial printer to produce high-quality color labels in-house and on-demand in high volumes. Aimed at customers for whom durable prints are key and who primarily want to print onto matte media, the C7500 is the ultimate in short-run color label printing. Manufacturers can now reliably and cost-effectively meet their in-house labeling needs with outstanding speed and quality. The C7500 can also help eliminate the costs associated with pre-printing by producing short-run, customized labels on-demand.

Key Features of C7500 Series:

  • Excellent reliability & endurance PrecisionCore printhead for consistent results and long printer lifetime
  • Save time & money Streamline label production by printing your color labels on-demand
  • High speed & high print quality Print speeds of up to 300mm/sec at an image resolution of 600x1200dpi
  • Low maintenance, reduced downtime Permanent printhead and NVT for self-maintenance
  • Easy integration New ESC/Label programming language for integration with virtually any OS

ColorWorks C3500 Series

With the C3500 you can easily customize and print your own color labels. Whether it’s printing packaging labels with colorful logos and pictures or tickets and ID cards with important barcodes and product information, this printer ensures you can print it all from one machine. It also helps you conform with GHS international chemical labeling guidelines, as labels can be printed on-demand without using pre-printed templates.

Cost-effective desktop color label printer to produce labels in-house and on-demand in small volumes. Whether you’re printing labels, tickets, or tags, the C3500 is designed to help your business print a wide variety of colorful labels in-house. Featuring print speeds of up to 103mm/sec and individual pigment ink cartridges, your business can save money on outsourcing label production, by printing labels on demand.

Key Features of C3500 Series:

  • Durable prints Long-lasting pigment ink
  • Fast print speeds Print labels at up to 103mm/sec
  • Matte, glossy, and more Print on a wide variety of media
  • Easy operation LCD screen for ink and printer status
  • Cost-saving Individual ink cartridges

ColorWorks C831

This rugged color inkjet printer with a tractor feed for printing on continuous paper combines the best of dot matrix and inkjet technology. Epson’s ColorWorks C831 (GP-C831) is an industrial-strength Micro Piezo inkjet label printer that is ideal for GHS large format drum and chemical labels.

It combines all the benefits of a rugged color inkjet printer with the accuracy of an 8-pin tractor feeder and is the first inkjet solution that has been BS5609 certified (complies with the latest GHS standards for chemical labeling). Featuring print speeds of up to 91.7mm/sec, printable areas of up to 203.2mm in width, precise label feeding to reduce jamming, and high-density barcode printing, all at a fraction of the cost of thermal transfer label printers.

Key Features of C831:

  • GHS label printer Ideal for large labels including large format drum and chemical labeling
  • BS5609 certified Complies with the latest GHS standards for chemical labeling
  • Fast print speeds of up to 91.7mm/sec
  • Reliable Engineered to deliver five years (600,000 prints) of high-quality, hassle-free printing
  • Cost-effective High-capacity, individual ink cartridges

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