Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

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Big Functionality in a Small Footprint

The DS9300 Series is a little presentation scanner with big functionality. With its compact form factor and stylish aesthetics, the DS9300 Series fits anywhere — from trendy boutiques to convenience stores with limited real estate at the checkout counter. Rapid fire, best-in-class swipe speeds, and unparalleled performance on challenging barcodes keep lines moving.

With an 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor, and exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the DS9300 Series instantly captures barcodes in virtually any condition, on any media. And with industry-leading swipe speeds and the widest field of view in its class, the DS9300 Series can capture barcodes as fast as they are presented.

With a near-zero footprint, there’s always room for the DS9300 Series, no matter how space-constrained your counters may be. Recessed LEDs are virtually invisible and automatically dim when not in use — reducing eye annoyance. The scanner’s ratcheting base offers four positions for convenient scanning, and its frictionless design won’t wear out.

Drops, dust, and spills are no problem for the DS9300 Series. It’s built to handle 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete and 1,000 consecutive 1.5 ft./0.5 m tumbles. And thanks to IP52 sealing and a patent-pending opto-mechanical layout that includes a concealed beeper hole with elevated circuitry and cable connector, even the base is spillproof.

Superior Out-of-Box Experience

When it comes to on-counter scanning, the DS7708 offers a feature set that puts it at the top of its class for performance, ease of deployment, and total cost of ownership. No matter what barcodes appear at your POS, the DS7708 can scan them all with a field of view that is over 50 percent larger than competitive 2D imagers enabling easy capture of barcodes, regardless of where they are located on an item.

With its compact design, the DS7708 can easily be installed in even the most space-constrained checkout lanes. And extraordinary durability minimizes costs and protects uptime, maximizing the device lifecycle and your return on investment.

The DS7708 offers additional data capture features to further streamline your business processes. Workers can take a picture of a check, driver’s license, or I.D. card to meet store requirements or industry regulations in a split second.


Bag Scanning, Tiny Footprint

Somewhere, a flight is sold out at a busy airport, and to stay on schedule the passengers must board quickly. The checkout line is growing at a popular boutique and the customers are not happy. An engineer struggles to add direct part marking into his space-constrained product design.

The Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners Series can help, deliver fast, high-volume hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode— including 1D, 2D, and direct part marks (DPM). No matter what type of barcode is presented, or whether it is printed on paper, etched into a product, or displayed on a mobile phone screen, the DS457 Series provides fast, accurate scanning in a tiny footprint that fits in the most space-constrained areas.

With comprehensive data capture, your workers can scan virtually any barcode presented, using breakthrough digital imaging technology that delivers extraordinary scanning speed. Workers can choose presentation or trigger-activated mode.

Innovative Hybrid Design

Today’s shoppers want short lines, speedy transactions, and attentive service. Deliver it all with the DS9900 Series — the scanner built from the ground up for handheld and hands-free use. You get top performance, whether associates pass items in front of the scanner or pick them up to scan merchandise on the counter or in a cart. And industry-leading scanning, seamless switching between modes, an optional RFID model, and unrivaled management tools drive throughput and service to a new level.

An 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor, and exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology deliver unparalleled performance on 1D, 2D, and Digimarc barcodes — even if they are poorly printed or damaged. And with rapid-fire first-pass read rates and the widest field of view in its class, it’s easy to keep checkout lines moving.

Complimentary industry-best tools make it easier than ever to remotely configure scanners, upgrade firmware, and format data for your application. Right out of the box, the scanner is configured for common applications, and auto-host detect cables automatically select the right host interface — just plug in the scanner and you’re ready to go.

Built for Life in the Lab

Barcodes found in the lab can be challenging for a general-purpose scanner. That’s why the DS9900 Series is purpose-built for lab environments, offering unparalleled productivity and ease of use. You get first-time, every time capture of small, high-density, curved and color-coded barcodes. A one-of-a-kind hybrid design provides seamless switching between handheld and hands-free scanning, and an optional RFID model and unrivaled management tools drive workflow efficiency to a new level.

High-density focus and white illumination LEDs easily read dense barcodes on microscope slides, curved barcodes on medicine bottles and blood vials, and barcodes on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes. An 800 MHz microprocessor, megapixel sensor, and exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology deliver unparalleled scanning performance.

Purpose-built for medical labs and pharmacies, the DS9900 Series Hybrid Presentation Imager improves workflow efficiency and accuracy. Workers get first-time, every time capture of the many types of barcodes found in the lab including small, high density, curved and color-coded.

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