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American Made Self-Service AML Enterprise Kiosks

American Made Self-Service AML Enterprise Kiosks

By empowering customers with access to self-service and information, you provide them with more freedom over their shopping experience, and at the same time free up employees to focus on other tasks. AML enterprise kiosks are quickly becoming popular as a point-of-sale product, like those you see at a supermarket for self-checkout. The kiosk is a highly versatile piece of business technology that, when properly utilized, can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the user experience and prompt a buying decision.





Firebird Enterprise Self-Service Kiosk

The Firebird Enterprise Kiosk is an all-in-one Android computer with integrated barcode scanning. Firebird’s compact design is ideal for situations where a small footprint is desired. The smaller build of this kiosk gives users the flexibility to set up the kiosk in multiple locations throughout the facility, such as poles, walls, counters, or endcaps. The Firebird self-service kiosk features a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen that allows for on-screen gesturing users are accustomed to in their personal devices.
The kiosk also features an RGB LED light bar for the device and scans status visual feedback. Firebird is powered by Android 8.1 running on an ARM octa-core processor at 1.8 GHz. Firebird’s powerful architecture is equipped to handle even the most demanding applications. Using consumer-grade devices becomes a financial headache for businesses in the long run as the cost to repair or replace parts isn’t cost-effective. Firebird was built with commercial-grade components made to withstand long-term continuous usage. At its core, the main functionality of Firebird is to act as a standalone stationary computer equipped with a 2D omnidirectional scan engine. This stationary kiosk is useful in many scenarios including scanning badges, gift cards, products, raw materials, and even tools used in the workplace. The optional camera also gives employees to interact with a camera for video or photographing purposes.
AML’s StoreScan price verification software is designed specifically for Firebird self-service kiosks and greatly simplifies the deployment of a retail price-checking solution. StoreScan uses a web API interface for its real-time price lookup. This interface is configurable and, in many cases, may be able to work with existing retailer web services with no software development required.
Power-over-Ethernet is a standard feature on all AML kiosks. No need to locate the device near an AC wall outlet as long as an Ethernet connection to a PoE-equipped network is available. A unique feature of the Firebird is its ability to be configured in either landscape or portrait mode. All I/O Ports are located on the back of the unit as a security measure.

Monarch Enterprise Self-Service Kiosk

The Monarch+ combines the power of an all-in-one computer with a barcode-scanning kiosk. Developed as a built-for-purpose device and engineered with industrial-grade components, the Monarch+ is an enterprise self-service kiosk that outlasts and outperforms consumer-grade devices deployed into challenging environments. The sleek design and capacitive touchscreen help facilitate an intuitive experience for any user. Power can be supplied over a Power-over-Ethernet equipped network, eliminating the restriction of having to place the device near a wall outlet. Utilizing x86-64 architecture, the Monarch can run Windows 10, Android, or Linux operating systems.
Retail: The Monarch+ enterprise self-service kiosk brings the digital experience into the store, putting information at the immediate disposal of the consumer. Allowing the user to verify a price is easily done when the Monarch+ is running AML’s StoreScan™ software. Other useful applications include being able to check the balance on a gift card, locate a product in the store, check loyalty points, or even make a purchase. The list goes on and on as to what the Monarch+ can do to bridge the gap between the in-store visit and the omnichannel experience.
Commercial: Taking advantage of its x86-64 architecture, the Monarch+ makes the perfect time clock for more advanced applications where employee messaging is essential. It’s ideal for any check-in/check-out application like tool cribs and file rooms. It also makes the ideal wayfinder for a busy lobby or a self-service kiosk for rental agreements and employment applications. Need a self-check-in portal for a daycare, health club, or seminar? There’s no better small form-factor all-in-one device than the Monarch+.
Hospitality: The Monarch+’s small form factor and PoE+ capability make it ideal for deploying multiple devices across large venues. Whether the need is to check the balance on a player card, buy electronic tickets to a show or play, or act as a self-service concierge, the Monarch+ is up to the task all day and every day.
Industrial: Using PCs and tablets on a shop floor is a recipe for disaster. But the Monarch+ enterprise self-service kiosk is designed to be safely mounted on a wall, pole or table. From there it can act as a time clock or host software for tracking labor or work-in-process inventory.

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