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Deliver Flawless Fulfillment with High-Performance Rugged Computers

Deliver Flawless Fulfillment with High-Performance Rugged Computers

Give your workforce the real-time information they need to get the job done fast and right – in warehouses, freezers, manufacturing plants, and transportation vehicles. Vehicle Mounted Computers give operators in material handling vehicles access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. The most common applications for vehicle-mounted computers include Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Pick and Putaway, Receiving, and Warehouse Management.



VC80x Series

VC80x Series



VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

The Ultimate Ultra-Rugged Design

The VC8300 takes all the pain out of migrating your Windows apps to Android. Since All-Touch TE powered by Ivanti Velocity is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, your existing TE apps run on the VC8300 right out of the box — no application modification is required. And when you’re ready to transform your apps into interactive and intuitive modern Android screens, with All-Touch TE pre-loaded and ready to use, all it takes is the push of a button.
Multiple mounting options include standard RAM mounts for easy installation anywhere in the vehicle, enabling fast and easy low-cost replacement of legacy devices. And a quick 10-second release makes it easy to move during vehicle maintenance and device repair.
With the VC8300, no matter how demanding your environments are, you can count on reliable operation. You get dust-and-water-tight IP66 sealing, sealed connectors, plus extreme temperature, shock, and vibration testing. And you get true frost and condensation-free operation in the freezer with optional heaters, smart temperature sensors, and more.
Models: VC8300 8-Inch, VC8300 10-Inch

VC80x Series Vehicle Mount Computers

Complete Tasks Faster and More Accurately

With the VC80x, you can give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. You get Android support in a super-rugged design built for your toughest indoor and outdoor environments — from warehouses and distribution centers to airports, seaports, railway yards, and more. And, you’ll get the fastest wireless connections available to keep workers connected to your data and business applications. With its compact design and flexible mounting options, it is easy to install on forklifts, clamp trucks, yard mules, cranes, and more. The VC80x — real desktop power for your material handling vehicles.
The VC80x computer is ready for your toughest environments with dust-and-water-tight IP66 sealing, sealed connectors, and extreme temperature, shock, and vibration testing. You get true frost- and condensation-free operation with touch-screen, board, and battery heaters, plus smart temperature sensors that automatically control the heater and heating speed.
Models: VC80x

Firebird Vehicle Mount Computer

Increase Forklift Driver Efficiency

AML’s Firebird Vehicle Mounted Computers are built for today’s distribution environments that rely heavily on mobile computers for inventory management. With all the tools a forklift operator needs to complete put-away, picking, shipping, barcode scanning, and replenishment tasks efficiently. At just 7”, its compact size eliminates concerns about vision impairment. Manage devices easily with applications suitable for both Android devices and terminal emulation clients.
Forklift Computers and Driver Safety: The Firebird’s overall size eliminates concerns about the operator’s field of vision being impaired. When mounted in the portrait orientation, the Firebird VMU offers a field of view up to 30% wider than competitive devices. Safety first, for the driver and anything in their path. The Firebird VMU can be easily mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation to virtually any forklift or motorized pallet jack using commercially available mounting accessories.
Scanning Barcodes While Operating a Forklift: Scan barcodes with the Firebird VMU using either tethered (USB) or Bluetooth-connected scanners. Both can be easily stored on the forklift using mobile cradles. A USB scanner can draw power from the VMU while a Bluetooth scanner requires independent charging.
Mobile Device Management for VMUs: Like all AML products made in the USA, Firebird VMU comes equipped with preloaded applications, such as AML Setup for easy setup and deployment as well as optional software such as our AML Device Manager, the perfect tool for deploying and maintaining multiple devices and/or multiple locations.
Models: Firebird

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