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Quail Digital Headsets

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Quail Digital Headset Systems for Retail, Healthcare and Quick Service

Quail Digital Headset Systems for Retail, Healthcare and Quick Service

Have you ever wondered what seamless communication looks like in the on-stage and off-stage business setting? We provide Quail Digital Headsets that give you just that with their unrivaled high-quality wireless team communication. These headsets are designed to improve team productivity in industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, etc., and empower staff to give customers a better experience by easily, solving queries, seeking assistance, locating stock, and finding the experts.

Pro11 for Healthcare

Pro10 for Retail

Pro9 for Quick Service

Pro11 Headset For Healthcare

Team Communication at its Best when it Matters Most

The Pro11 Healthcare Headset System enables teams to talk hands-free in the OR and adjacent rooms – no raised voices nor straining to hear, just clear, calm communication between every member of the team, reducing stress and creating a better working environment. The system has full connectivity with external broadcast and audio-visual streaming facilities, enabling the physician to participate in real-time in remote broadcasts and seminars. Using high-quality DECT frequencies, multiple systems can be used on the same premises without interference.
Pro11 has full connectivity to external audio platforms giving physicians clear two-way communication with remote seminars, lecture rooms, and similar locations. Every physician needs their OR team to be alert and responsive. Giving and receiving key information accurately and clearly is essential during any procedure. Most procedures necessitate the wearing of full PPE which can impact clear communication. The Pro11 headset will improve clarity which improves safety and reduces anxiety for all members of your team.
Pro11 Headset Features:
  • Crystal clear digital audio between headsets
  • Up to 30 users per system, 6 hands-free at any one time
  • 9-hours continuous talk-time
  • 2 headset user modes, hands-free, and push-to-talk
  • Noise-canceling microphone on all headsets
  • Near-field headset registration
  • Multiple systems useable in close proximity without interference
  • Made in anti-microbial plastic for added hygiene
  • Simple to self-install

Pro10 Headset For Retail

Empower your Staff with Instore Communication

The system comprises all-new hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets for up to 30 users, with options to integrate headsets above the store to the head office, remote security monitoring, checkouts, customer help points, and passive alarm systems around the store. The system operates on the high-quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with a range and coverage exceeding 200,000 sqft.
Installing the Quail Digital Pro10 Headsets system into your business is a great way for employees and management to effectively communicate. The Pro10 system exceeds expectations operationally and has additional sophisticated benefits when integrated, including connectivity to security monitoring, checkouts, and passive alarm systems around retail stores. The reality is that you won’t find a more comfortable, easy-to-use headset on the market. The system’s functionality promotes efficiency as well as saves time and money with increased visibility.
Pro10 Headset Features:
  • Improved team communication
  • Reduced queues at the checkout
  • Better customer service
  • 16-hour talk-time on standby
  • 10 hours of talk-time hands-free
  • Touch-pad switch, no buttons
  • 5-stage volume control
  • Wireless headset registration

Pro9 Headset For Quick Service

The Ultimate Drive-Thru Headset

The all-new Pro9 headset system for Quick Service is a huge step change in simplicity, comfort, and audio clarity. Pro9 is a multi-channel headset designed for single and dual-lane drive-thru, curb-side ordering, and in-restaurant table service, all from the same headset. Its range will cover a kitchen, seating on two floors, drive-thru lanes, drive-to bays, and parking lot. There’s no limit to the number of headsets you can use on the system, with contactless registration and Puresound noise-canceling much improving the user experience.
Pro9 Headset Features:
  • Unlimited number of headset users
  • Single and dual-lane drive-thru
  • Digital from speaker post to the headset
  • Table service and curbside channels
  • LED channel indicators on the mic
  • Private paging channel
  • 12-hour battery between charges
  • Touchpad channel selection
  • Exceptional range
  • Very strong nylon headset

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