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Next Level Inventory Visibility for Seamless Management with Fixed RFID Readers

Next Level Inventory Visibility for Seamless Management with Fixed RFID Readers

Achieve maximum asset visibility throughout your entire enterprise with fixed RFID readers. Enjoy faster, simpler inventory management and flow of goods with complete visibility into your assets’ movements. And get even more insights with an RFID Array Reader, which offers advanced technology that pinpoints the exact location of all your tagged assets—even if they’re on the move.

Achieve maximum asset visibility throughout your entire enterprise with fixed RFID readers. Enjoy faster, simpler inventory management and flow of goods with complete visibility into your assets’ movements. And get even more insights with an RFID Array Reader, which offers advanced technology that pinpoints the exact location of all your tagged assets—even if they’re on the move.









ATR7000 Fixed RFID Readers

Identify, Locate and Track in Real-Time

Imagine if you could see the pinpoint location of all of your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers, and more, all the time, in real time. Now imagine how that visibility could allow you to streamline your operations, improve workforce productivity, reduce costs, and better serve your customers. You have just imagined the power of the ATR7000 Fixed RFID Readers. The ATR7000 — superior technology, superior location accuracy, superior tag visibility, and superior value — delivered.

The ATR7000 electronically steers and processes several hundreds of narrow flashlight-style beams simultaneously, providing highly accurate asset location, within 2 ft./0.6m or less.

The wide-angle antenna delivers up to double the coverage area of typical competitive fixed readers. And dual circular and linear coverage patterns ensure all tags in the coverage zone are visible, regardless of the size or complexity of your environment.

This ready-to-use licensable software saves many months of application development time by automatically collecting the ATR7000 tag data, calculating the real-time location of all of your tagged assets, and streaming that pinpoint location data to the business system of your choice — such as your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The ATR7000 is a new class of fixed RFID readers offering advanced Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets. Now, you can see where your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers, and more are located — and if they are on the move, in which direction they are moving. The result? Streamlined operations, reduced costs, and better customer service.

Models: ATR7000

No Hard-Wired Connection Required

To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your operation needs fixed RFID readers that can keep up with the high volume and a wide variety of pallets, cases, and tagged items that go in, out, and through your warehouse and dock doors each day. Now, get the performance and features you need to handle it all with the FX9600 — without breaking the bank. With industry-leading read rates, exceptional read accuracy, and superior RF sensitivity, the FX9600 has what it takes to automate nearly every aspect of your inventory management — from receiving and putaway to picking and shipping — without errors or bottlenecks. The FX9600 is the industry-best performance your operation needs at a price you can afford.

When it comes to performance, the FX9600 delivers the best. The exceptionally high RF sensitivity delivers the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges, even in dense RF environments with challenging materials. And with the most power in its class, you can support the highest throughput, as well as all of your sophisticated software applications.

Host embedded applications directly on the FX9600, reducing deployment time, cost, and complexity. With support for PoE and PoE+, there’s no need to run power drops to each reader — and with PoE+ or a 24V power supply, even long cable runs won’t reduce available RF power.

Designed for tough environments, the rugged FX9600 can handle it all — damp dusty work areas, extreme heat, and subzero temperatures. And with the eight-port model, you can cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers, significantly lowering your investment, deployment, and management costs.

With support for Wi-Fi dongles, you can wirelessly connect your FX9600 RFID readers to your existing Wi-Fi access point — no hard-wired connections are required. And with support for Bluetooth dongles, you can connect virtually any Bluetooth-enabled host computer or handheld directly to the FX9600, increasing flexibility, processing speed, and application performance.

Models: FX9600

FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

Compact and Powerful

The new FX7500 Fixed RFID Readers introduces advanced RFID radio technology for faster, more accurate read rates and more consistent performance even in challenging environments. The new radio is paired with a more flexible Linux-based network architecture that integrates the tools and open-standard interfaces needed for fast, easy deployment with RFID and back-end applications.

The result is a fixed RFID reader that sets a new performance standard — delivering peak performance at all times with excellent reader sensitivity and better interference rejection, at a lower cost per read point. The FX7500 comes in a sleek, attractive form factor with a low profile and compact footprint, at home in nearly any business environment. It also looks good on the balance sheet, with an impressive array of integrated features and functionality that pack value for your business-class applications.

Installation is simple. Hang the supplied bracket, then snap the reader in place. No outlet nearby? No problem. Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) lets you place the FX7500 where it is needed without installing extra outlets – ideal for large open areas. Once plugged into the network, devices are auto-detected.

We created a new RFID radio technology, purposely designed from the ground up for faster, more accurate read rates, and more consistent performance even in challenging environments.

Models: FX7500

Understand What’s Entering and Exiting your Facility

Know which direction inventory is traveling as it moves in or out of your facility through receiving and entry/exit points with the Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader. Understand where it is headed to better track location or prevent theft. When inventory moves through receiving, entry/exit points, or any transition point within your facility, you need to know which direction it is traveling to understand where it is headed. The Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader reaches beyond simple presence detection to collect the data required to determine whether items are entering or leaving an area. With flexible options that enable you to install this sensor on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling, easily deploy the Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader in virtually any environment.

Everything you need is already integrated inside the housing, pre-configured, and ready to go — reader and antenna. Just suspend it from the ceiling or mount it on a wall for fast and easy deployment.

Pair Zebra’s advanced FX7500 Fixed RFID Readers with a pre-engineered ready-to-use antenna designed to meet specific needs in challenging areas — such as backrooms and warehouse aisles where metal, fluorescent lights, and more can create interference to aisles and will-call areas that require very tight read ranges.

Deployment couldn’t be easier. All solutions in this family offer everything you need, including an advanced RFID reader, a pre-configured antenna, plus support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Just mount the hardware in the appropriate area, plug it in and you’re ready to start capturing information about your on-the-move inventory.

Models: STS5500

Success Story

Success Story

Today’s fast-paced operations demand undisrupted efficiency and complete visibility. That’s why when Hunt Country Components sought to optimize its tracking system, ValuTrack empowered its manufacturing facilities with Zebra’s purpose-built RFID technologies to achieve maximum visibility and operational excellence. Explore our success story to see how we promoted operational efficiency with RFID technology.

Considered to be the next generation of barcode scanning, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that utilizes electromagnetic fields for the wireless transmission of data using radio waves. What makes this technology so impactful is its power to provide businesses with the ability to automatically and accurately identify and track assets or objects throughout their lifecycle. RFID offers massive upside when it comes to improving operational efficiency, enhancing supply chain visibility, and optimizing asset management.


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