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Empower On-The-Move Productivity with Rugged Tablets

Empower On-The-Move Productivity with Rugged Tablets

Power your job performance to the highest levels with a purpose-built tablet that’s not only rugged but also smart. Built for business, our tablets provide a comprehensive line of accessories that allow you to tailor data capture features, rugged specifications, and power management for your workforce while providing your IT team with all the accessories they need. Get ahead and stay there with an innovative tablet that’s highly secure, fully configurable, simple to deploy, and quick to contribute.

Power your job performance to the highest levels with a purpose-built tablet that’s not only rugged but also smart. Built for business, our tablets provide a comprehensive line of accessories that allow you to tailor data capture features, rugged specifications, and power management for your workforce while providing your IT team with all the accessories they need. Get ahead and stay there with an innovative tablet that’s highly secure, fully configurable, simple to deploy, and quick to contribute.


ET6X Series Rugged Tablets

ET6X Series

ET6X Series

ET4X Series

ET4X Series

ET4X-HC Series

ET4X-HC Series

ET5X Series

ET5X Series

L10 Series

L10 Series

ET8X Series

ET8X Series

The Most Versatile, Rugged Android Wi-fi 6E Bussiness Tablet

Maximize productivity and business efficiency with business tablets that deliver more—more features, more power, more security, more ruggedness, and more versatility. Put these tablets to work in your most punishing environments—while they offer all the beauty of consumer styling, they’re built like a tank, ready to handle the dust, dirt, and grime in manufacturing plants and warehouses; life in the freezer; constant vibrations in forklifts and other vehicles; and all the elements—snow, ice, rain, dust, blazing heat, and frigid cold. With unmatched flexibility, these tablets can be whatever you need them to be—a tablet, a laptop alternative, and a vehicle-mount computer. When it comes to features, these workhorses are loaded with processing power, battery power, data capture power, all the latest wireless connectivity options, and more. And Mobility DNA™ adds unmatched value with features that make the tablets easier to use and manage. When the job calls for a rugged tablet, no matter what features you need, the ET60/ET65 delivers.

This tablet has survived more real-world tests than any other tablet in its class. It’s drop-tested on concrete, built for the freezer and blazing heat, dustproof and corrosion-proof—and you can just hose it off when it’s dirty. Other tests include vibration, thermal shock, solar radiation and salt fog to ensure it can handle the constant pounding in a forklift, vehicle vibrations, rapid and wide temperature swings and heavy exposure to sunlight. The result? A tablet that thrives virtually anywhere—from the harsh environments in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Just lock the ET60 or ET65 into the new patent-pending vehicle dock for mounting in a forklift or other material-handling vehicle. The touch panel and warehouse keyboard are heated when locked into the vehicle dock—a feature no other tablet today can offer. Even in the freezer and other condensing environments, the screen is always free of condensation, clear and easy to see—and the keyboard is always free of ice, ready for data entry. All device features are easily accessible—including the expansion connector on the back to add available new capabilities. And choose an optional keyboard to make on-the-move data entry easy for forklift operators.

Models: ET60, ET65

Right-Priced Rugged Tablets that have it all – Right out of the box

Consumer-grade tablets might appear to be a cost-effective option for your business because the price is right. But without the right features, savings can quickly turn into substantial hidden costs — you may need to purchase a case to increase durability, a scanner for intense scanning tasks, and more frequent device replacements. Introducing the perfect solution — the ET40/ET45 — the right-priced rugged enterprise tablets with all the features you need to do business, right out of the box.

These tablets are built to last and designed for business from the inside out. Drop it, use it in subzero temperatures, hose it off — and it still works. The exact same device will be available for three years, eliminating mixed device deployments that are more time-consuming and costly to support. And since Zebra’s optional OneCare Essential and Select support services are available for a full six years from the initial date of sale, you can count on the support you need every day your tablets are in use.

Choose your screen size — the easy-to-carry 8-inch or the 10-inch for easy viewing of information-rich apps. Capture barcodes in any condition with the integrated enterprise-class scanner. Take ultra-detailed photos with the high-resolution rear camera. Enable video calls for better collaboration with the integrated front camera. Boost productivity with the latest and fastest wireless connections — including Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Power shift after shift with the optional hot-swappable secondary battery. And create a mobile point of sale (POS) with innovative payment solutions.

Get a built-in advantage with complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA Professional tools that make every aspect of owning these tablets easier. Stage a handful or thousands of tablets in seconds. Enter barcodes into your apps — without any programming. Control which GMS services and apps are available. Easily troubleshoot tablets — test all main systems with the press of a button and collect targeted diagnostics. Automatically enable enterprise mobility management (EMM) support for every feature in your tablet for easy device management. Boost device security and more by adding features to Android. And unlock even more tools to boost workforce productivity with optional Mobility DNA Enterprise.

Models: ET40, ET45

Rugged Tablets Build to Meet the Demands of Healthcare

Consumer-grade tablets might appear to be cost-effective because the price is right. But the lack of healthcare features adds safety concerns and costs — from the inability to disinfect to prevent the spread of germs to the need to purchase scanners for barcode capture and more frequent device replacements due to lack of durability. Introducing the ET40-HC and ET45-HC tablets, offering all the enterprise healthcare features you need, all at the right price — a rugged design; a disinfectant-ready housing; a built-in scanner and emergency alert button; Wi-Fi 6 and 5G offering the fastest wireless connections; and much more.

Advanced medical-grade plastics enable the constant disinfecting required to prevent the spread of germs. It’s rugged — you can drop it, use it indoors and outside in the rain and snow, and it still works. A dedicated programmable emergency button enables caregivers to call the right person for help in a split second. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 provide the fastest and most dependable wireless connections. And more.

The integrated barcode scanner captures virtually any barcode in any condition with point-and-shoot simplicity, allowing caregivers to verify patient identification, validate medication administration, and more. Document wound condition with ultra-high resolution photos. Enable telehealth consultations with video calling. Turn tablets into two-way walkie-talkies or PBX handsets and enable secure text messaging for sensitive communications in public areas.

Models: ET40-HC, ET45-HC

The Surprisingly Rugged, Thin, and Light Tablet That’s Built For Work

When it comes to choosing a tablet for business, workers want consumer styling, while you need enterprise-class durability, data capture, and an accessory family that allows you to create the perfect tablet solution for your environment, workers, and apps. Now you can have it all with the ET51 and ET56 Android or Windows Enterprise Tablets. Your workers get a personal tablet that looks and feels like their own, while you get the durability, ease-of-use, data capture features, and flexibility your business requires.

Virtually nothing will stop your tablets from delivering the reliable operation you need — these tablets are built to handle drops of concrete or plywood, rain, snow, dust, extreme heat, subzero temperatures, spilled liquids, and a hose-down at full force. With the Corning Gorilla Glass display, your tablet is shatter-and scratch-resistant. Best-in-class brightness means easy reading, indoors and outside, even in bright sunlight.

Use the innovative Expansion Back to add new features, such as an enterprise-class scanner, a rotating hand strap, and an additional hot-swappable battery for around-the-clock power. Docking station charging solutions provide all the connectivity needed to turn the ET51 or ET56 tablet into a desktop computer for point-of-sale, receiving, shipping, and other applications. A unique ShareCradle provides a common base to accommodate all your Zebra mobile computers and tablets — saving space and reducing costs in the backroom. Charge the tablets anywhere in your facility with wall mount or desktop charging solutions.

The fastest Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth technologies deliver highly reliable connections, superior application, and peripheral performance, inside your facility and out in the field. The touchscreen works even when wet and with gloves. There are options for occasional and intensive scanning that deliver fast and accurate barcode capture. Use video calling for improved collaboration. Take high-resolution photos and videos, and capture signatures and documents to streamline everyday tasks. If you choose the Android platform with Mobility DNA, you get instant familiarity that drives rapid adoption and minimizes training requirements.

Models: ET51 Android, ET51 Windows, ET51 Android with Integrated Scanner, ET51 Windows with Integrated Scanner, ET56 Android, ET56 Windows

A Versatile Tablet Platform Rugged to the Core

The Zebra L10 rugged platform offers a variety of tablet configurations and a shared accessory ecosystem that sets a standard in office, vehicle and field-based computing. Whether your mobile workers prefer a traditional tablet form factor (XSlate), a tablet with a rigid-handle and built-in barcode reader (XPad) or a 2-in-1 laptop alternative for heavier data entry (XSlate plus keyboard and KickStrap accessory), the flexibility of the Zebra L10 tablets ensures that your workers have the right computing tool for their job. Choose the right operating system for your business, whether that be Windows or Android. Only Zebra offers this many performance, security, connectivity and accessory options in one rugged mobile computing platform.

With more advanced CPU options, the performance-driven L10 rugged tablet platform is the right fit for your organization, whatever your operating system. Both operating systems offer superior power for the blazing-fast application performance you need out in the field or in your facility. You can also count on the latest-generation NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular technologies to provide uninterrupted connectivity. Keep your workforce connected wherever they are with the advanced wireless connectivity of the L10ax Windows with support for Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G/4G and the L10 Android with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and optional 4G.

Each L10 rugged tablet can be equipped with workflow-specific tools needed for nearly any application. This includes an optional true serial port, a UHF RFID reader (AEI), a built-in barcode reader (XPad only), and more. Front-facing and 13 MP rear-facing high-resolution cameras enable the capture of proof-of-condition/delivery, incident documentation, evidence, and more.

Models: XSlate L10 Android, XSlate L10 Windows, XSlate L10ax Windows, XPad L10 Android, XPad L10 Windows, XPad L10ax Windows

Rugged Tablets Made for the Difference you make

As first responders, field service technicians, and manufacturing line workers, your work provides the essentials that are fundamental to a thriving community. People depend on you. You need a mobile device you can trust to perform flawlessly, anywhere, so you can too. Empower your best work with Zebra’s new ET80 and ET85 Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablets. Available as a standalone tablet, or with a detachable keyboard to provide a true 2-in-1, the ET80 and ET85 offer the flexibility your workforce demands. They’re thin and lightweight yet rugged to work wherever you do – in a vehicle, in the field or inside a facility. Stay connected to the information and people you need with the fastest wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G. Take collaboration and productivity to the next level with value-add, Zebra-only software tools.

Overcoming obstacles is part of your daily routine—urgencies happen with regularity. Take on a tablet that’s as tough as your environment with military-grade ruggedness. Zebra ET80 and ET85 2-in-1 Rugged Tablets go anywhere you do, and put up with more, so you can worry less about your equipment and stay focused on the moments that matter.

Models: ET80, ET85

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