AATIS, Inc’s Manufacturing Execution System – MES solution delivers unrivaled shop floor production/process monitoring, quality and inventory management, and detailed visibility and tracking.  ValuTrack and AATIS can help deliver the tools needed to analyze crucial information for continued growth, success, and profitability for your business.  The AATIS MES solution prevents costly downtime while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality, and profit.

Mercury accomplishes the goal of being a robust, configurable, Mistake Proofing, Data Collection, and Analysis system by leveraging existing infrastructure. Mercury also has a minimal cost of deployment and ownership.  AATIS takes functionality and ease of use to a new level.


Process Event Encapsulation

  • Identify the Start, End, and other critical events within a process:
  • Capture Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Integrate with Plant Historian                                                                      “AATIS is an integral part of MES at Kemet,
    • External Database                                                                                            providing overall project designs, project
    • Manual Entry                                                                                                   management, developments skills. implementation,                                
  • Capture product DNA (Genealogy)                                                                    and support. Their knowledge of the latest technologies
  • Capture production metrics (TAKT & OEE)                                                      and techniques goes unchallenged in the industry.”
  • Capture maintenance activity and TPM / PM metrics
  • Capture personnel training and evaluation activity                                      Ray W. – Director Global MES, KEMET Electronics

Mistake Proofing

  • Prevent scrap
  • Enforce Rules, SOP, & Training requirements
  • Record activity for auditing and continuous improvement
  • Pok-A-Yok operator interaction


  • Continuous improvement / lean initiatives
  • Production scheduling, facility utilization, cycle times
  • Reports, Charts, Graphs


  • Complete product traceability including consumed materials, equipment, personnel and all activities
  • Decrease audit preparation time with On-Demand Reporting specific to your Audit needs including Genealogy, Traceability and Derivation

Implementing Mercury:

  • Model the process and the resources utilized – using our proprietary Resource Model theory
  • Populate the Model – streamlined with our “bulk import” methodology
  • Exercise & Refine the model using the Mercury Transaction Interface (MTI)
    • The MTI is an ATM-like interface that allows intant access to your model.
    • No custom screens or reports are required to use Mercury.
  • Customize as desired
    • Integrate with your HMI/Automation System
    • Integrate with your existing accounting system
    • Create custom reports
    • Design task specific screens
  • Use from any web enabled device or integrated application to start realizing the benefits


Manufacturing Execution System
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