As mobility is a continually expanding features of most businesses, it has become even more important for you as a business owner to develop a mobility strategy. No longer are you just concerned with managing a few kinds of devices, you now need a plan and the tools to manage what your workforce does with the devices. There is a huge difference and it might seem overwhelming but our ValuTrack team is there to help.

ValuTrack is well aware of the challenges to both new and established businesses and has developed solutions to them by partnering with SOTI and accessing its Enterprise Mobility Management software. Let’s review the key points that need to be addressed in a longer term strategy:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) is still a core element of EMM, especially for company issued devices, but not the only one; there is still a need for definitive policies and procedures for the various device options, whether corporate or personal
  • EMM has capacity to manage all endpoints eventually; however, an effective strategy will map out a gradual implementation plan for such unified management, including devices, apps, data, security and IT support
  • Define the scope and procedures for data access, availability and editing/deleting
  • Quantify the projected data volume over the next few years
  • Identify the number of users that might be added over the next few years
  • Start factoring in the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) now such as scanners and wearables
  • Identify the features you will need for effective mobility management
  • Develop an EMM implementation plan, including training for users

In order to incorporate a comprehensive long term mobility strategy into a business case, you will need to:

  • Identify all costs for startup and ongoing operating and lifecycle costs
  • Develop a financial sustainability plan
  • Describe and quantify benefits short and long term, including such items as cost effectiveness, increased efficiency, reduced number of errors and increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • Be realistic about possible problems and describe contingency plans

A strategic plan has to translate into an implementation action plan. Once you have all the elements of a mobility strategy in place, it is time to list all the next steps and position them in a work plan. This means breaking down the tasks, identifying resources, people responsible and the outputs/deliverables necessary if the EMM is going to work. For a longer term plan, it is always a good idea to build in interim reviews and updates.

After taking into account all the above considerations, ValuTrack is confident in recommending SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management. This software facilitates the management of all devices, apps, data and security. It builds on the best of MDM while expanding its scope and adding a flexibility and scalability that will accommodate growth in your business. The bonus is how quickly your workforce will see the benefits of the SOTI EMM software.

Contact one of our ValuTrack specialists to discover all the possibilities of SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management.