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Extreme Networks SD-WAN

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Accelerate and Optimize Business Processes with ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Accelerate and Optimize Business Processes with ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Discover SD-WAN Solutions for Enterprise Networking

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Network and security complexity are rapidly increasing. Legacy networks are straining to support today’s hybrid IT environments, a mix of on-premises, cloud, and SaaS technologies, as well as real-time, bandwidth-intense collaboration services and applications required by hybrid work. As organizations adapt to an unprecedented rate of change, IT teams are grappling with a lack of automation and integration between technologies, a lack of broad and deep visibility, widening skills shortages, and increasingly complex licensing.
SD-WAN offers connectivity, continuity, and cost benefits. However, as both network edges and the attack surface increase, SD-WAN also creates management, security, and visibility challenges.
ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is a flexible, secure solution that delivers the benefits of SD-WAN, while reducing risk, simplifying operations, and improving productivity with Unified Management, Fabric to the Edge, and best-in-class Application Performance Management packaged as a cost-effective OPEX subscription.
Application Performance and Management: Automated application discovery for more than 5,000 applications simplifies deployment. Enhanced performance control and visualization enables improved user experiences and productivity. Maintenance-free cloud on-ramps to AWS and Microsoft Azure enable secure, high-performance IaaS access
Fabric to the Edge: Seamless extension of Extreme Fabric services over low-cost internet access transport improves visibility, performance, and resilience at all branches. Extreme SD-WAN optimizes performance and security for tunneled Fabric traffic. Extreme Fabric enables zero-touch provisioning of Extreme Wi-Fi APs and Ethernet switches at branch locations. Fabric hypersegmentation enables secure connectivity, simplified compliance, and improved attack resistance against lateral threats.
Unified Management: Reduced complexity with a holistic management experience provided by ExtremeCloud SD-WAN and ExtremeCloud IQ. Centralized configuration and management of Wi-Fi access points, Ethernet switches, and SD-WAN devices. LAN-to-WAN-to-Cloud performance monitoring powered by AIOPs, contextual telemetry, and granular network and application performance visibility across users, devices, sites, links, and locations enables rapid troubleshooting.

What is SD-WAN and Why Is it Important?

What is SD-WAN?: A software-defined wide area network leverages low-cost, flexible internet access transport to connect multiple locations securely and to the cloud. SD-WAN delivers good performance for a lower cost than other technologies, improves site resilience, and simplifies cloud connectivity.
Why Choose SD-WAN From Extreme Networks?: Fabric to the Edge, advanced application performance management, and unified management of wired, wireless, IoT, and SD-WAN devices enable organizations to reduce risk, simplify operations, and improve productivity.
How Does SD-WAN Link Business and Network Transformation?: ExtremeCloud SD-WAN turns the WAN into a strategic business asset by enabling digital transformation scaling, operational excellence, increased agility, and other critical business outcomes.

What Makes ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Different?

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is pre-integrated with Fabric to extend services securely across all of a customer’s sites. It comes with granular application performance management and visibility to better understand end-user experience and it features intuitive user interfaces as part of a unified wired and wireless management solution.

Assured Business Continuity and Resilience

As organizations continue to lead through uncertainty, no organization can afford unplanned downtime. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN’s application steering, sub-second failover, and high availability options improve uptime. Built-in WAN security and advanced internet access security options protect the network from cyber-attacks.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Accelerating and optimizing business processes is critical to achieving key results. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN’s cloud-native orchestrator with automated workflows, application discovery, and maintenance-free cloud on-ramps to AWS and Azure simplify operations with streamlined visibility, security, and performance.

Improved Productivity and User Experience

Delivering consistent, high-quality user experience from cloud and data centers to branches is a challenge. Extreme’s application performance management capabilities improve user experience for the entire network with granular SaaS and private applications visibility and real-time, continuously automated application performance control.

Controlled Costs and Purchase Risks

Cost and risk are top of mind for many IT leaders and senior management. Detailed performance reporting enables cost optimization and network refinement. Inclusive subscription pricing with flexible terms reduces purchase risk and improves financial efficiency.

Core Networking Solutions From Extreme

Extreme Networks provides end-to-end software-driven networking solutions that help organizations to digitally transform their businesses. Their core solutions include wired and wireless network infrastructure, cloud-based management and analytics, network access control, and software-defined networking (SDN). These solutions are designed to deliver high-performance, secure, and scalable networks that can support the ever-increasing demands of modern-day applications and users. With their innovative approach to networking, Extreme Networks is helping organizations across various industries to achieve better business outcomes, increase agility, and reduce costs.
  • Extreme Switching: a family of Ethernet switches that provide high-performance connectivity for data center, campus, and branch networks.
  • Extreme Routing: a suite of routers that support both IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols and provide secure and scalable connectivity.
  • Extreme Wireless: a range of wireless access points and controllers that enable seamless and secure wireless connectivity for a variety of use cases.
  • Extreme Analytics: a network analytics and monitoring solution that provides real-time visibility into network traffic, user behavior, and application performance.
  • Extreme Cloud: a cloud-based network management platform that simplifies network management and provides centralized visibility and control over network infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure Services

Wireless networks are the backbone of productivity. A properly installed wireless system keeps your operations running smoothly and allows your business to maximize its efficiency. We provide a complete portfolio of networking solutions and services that ensure business continuity and accelerate innovative capabilities. Our services include Managed Network Services, Network Infrastructure Design, Wireless Site Surveys, Switch and Access Point Installation, Network Cabling, Network Analytics and Optimization, On-Site Management and Support, and more.

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