Have you ever wondered what seamless communication looks like in the on-stage and off-stage business setting? Quail Digital Pro10 Headsets give you just that with their unrivaled high-quality wireless team communication. The Pro10 headset is designed to improve team productivity in industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.

Quail Digital headsets empower staff to give customers a better experience, solving queries, seeking assistance, locating stock, and finding the experts. The system comprises all-new hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets for up to 30 users, with options to integrate headsets above the store to head office, remote security monitoring, checkouts, customer help-points, and passive alarm systems around the store. The system operates on the high-quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with a range and coverage exceeding 200,000 sqft.

Improved team communication  •  Reduced queues at checkout  •  Better customer service  •  16-hour talk-time on standby  •  10 hours talk-time hands-free  •  Touch-pad switch, no buttons  •  5-stage volume control  •  Wireless headset registration  •  Increased visibility 

 Pro 10 Headset               Pro10 Charging Station            Pro10 Base Station           Pro10 Registration Point

Pro10 HeadsetPro10 ChargerPro 10 Base StationPro10 Registration Point

Installing the Quail Digital Pro10 Headsets system into your business is a great way for employees and management to effectively communicate. The Pro10 system exceeds expectations operationally and has additional sophisticated benefits when integrated, including connectivity to security monitoring, checkouts, and passive alarm systems around retail stores.

The reality is that you won’t find a more comfortable, easy-to-use headset on the market. The system’s functionality promotes efficiency as well as saves time and money with increased visibility.

ValuTrack is here to provide you with these comfortable, high-power headsets so that you and your team can communicate more efficiently. Let us help you figure out which solution best suits your needs. For more information contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected]. We ask. We listen. We solve.