Savant WMS Software allows you to move more inventory faster and enables your business to reduce overhead, cut costs and provide a sound path for future growth. Savant’s supply chain solutions are scalable, modular, and designed to fit every budget and integrate seamlessly into your operations. Savant supply chain solutions include small business WMS, enterprise WMS, farm to fork distribution, shipping manifest, container tracking, truck route management, and more.

Inventory Accuracy Challenges

Although there are a number of ways to measure inventory accuracy, typically organizations without automation can only account for 78% of their inventory. This 22% inaccuracy results in increased inventory levels (safety stock), poor productivity, reduced customer service, and higher back-order conditions all of which cost the company money. This is where Savant WMS comes in. Savant’s automated warehousing systems use barcode and RF technologies that can improve inventory accuracy to 99.99%.

Savant Overview

Savant Software is a leading provider of supply chain solutions for small, mid-market, and enterprise distributors and manufacturers. Savant’s WMS approach is designed to provide you with flexibility at every step along your supply chain. Land and Expand capabilities allow you to start small and activate additional modules as you outgrow your current requirements. With Savant WMS, you deploy a single solution, one database, and one user interface with multiple modules. As a result, Savant WMS provides your team a total solution over time without the need to ever redeploy or retrain. With this approach, you only activate the modules you need to reduce your upfront costs, boost your ROI, simplify your user’s experience, increase process improvements, and guarantee system adoption.

With the Inventory module accurately tracks inventory throughout the entire warehouse. Inventory can only be placed in the warehouse when it is assigned to a unique warehouse location. Savant also tracks the movement of products from one location to the next. The end result of these tracking techniques is that inventory can be located quickly and efficiently.

The Receiving module allows inventory to be received into the warehouse, where it is uniquely identified with a pallet, carton, or if desired a product serial number. This information is then used for product location and movement in the other Savant modules. Receiving can optionally tie into existing Purchase Order systems in order to validate items received. The module provides exception reporting and allows overrides for variances from ordered quantities.

Order Fulfillment utilizes wireless scanners to direct the picking of products. Using the information from the Inventory and Receiving modules, it performs the necessary product rotation that allows pickers to select the correct product for each order. All of this is accomplished in a paperless picking environment.

Box Build takes your shipping requirements to the next level. This module verifies products that have been picked for order and tracks the shipping carton in which each product is placed. Distribution companies that pick in totes and place products in shipping cartons or containers will find this module to be invaluable to their operations.

Savant Shipping Manifest utilizes the same user interface and foundation as Savant’s Warehouse Management System and can function as either a standalone system or a part of the WMS capitalizing on its powerful system architecture. This unique platform provides our partners and customers with an unprecedented single yet integrated solution for the mid-market. Savant’s Rest API tools enable you to exchange information seamlessly with your other key business applications.

Savant WMS Solution Packages

Designed for small to mid-sized warehouses, Savant ADC (Automated Data Capture) provides basic, core functionality such as receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking, and shipping. Designed for small to mid-sized warehouses, Savant Basic is a scaled-down version of our WMS that maintains a rich feature set. Savant Basic provides basic, core functionality such as receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking, and shipping. Plus it integrates into many of Savant’s other supply chain solution modules and has a low-cost growth path in our WMS solution. The Stand-Alone version does not have automated ERP interfaces but does provide text file import/export capabilities.


Savant Professional is an advanced WMS that provides a total, comprehensive supply chain solution for your distribution and manufacturing environment. Designed for mid-tier and enterprise companies, it supports the latest automation in warehouse and supply chain management.

Savant Enterprise is designed for large enterprise distribution and manufacturing companies. It is a sophisticated WMS solution with automated interfaces to many of today’s leading ERP applications. This solution is highly scalable to meet the requirements of any size facility.

ValuTrack offers a full of Savant Software solutions that can help you better manage your supply chain. Let us help you figure out which solution best suits your needs. For more information contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected]. We ask. We listen. We solve.

Strategies for Warehouse Modernization

Warehouse modernization is a strategic process aimed at enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of warehousing operations. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where e-commerce, global supply chains, and customer expectations are continually changing, modernizing warehouses has become a necessity. Learn more about how ValuTrack simplifies warehouse modernization to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.