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Lock Down your Facility with Comprehensive LenelS2 Security Systems

Lock Down your Facility with Comprehensive LenelS2 Security Systems

We provide comprehensive security solutions for greater security, safety, and efficiency. LenelS2 is the global leader in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, and mobile credentialing. We innovate products, systems, and services to address the most complex, evolving needs of some of the world’s most demanding organizations. Whether you’re operating a small-to-medium-sized business or the largest global enterprise, our solutions are built to solve your unique challenges.

Access Control

Whether you’re operating a small business or a global enterprise, LenelS2 access control solutions support your evolving needs in the ever-changing security landscape. We provide OnGuardNetBox, and Elements access control systems solutions that meet any access control need or deployment type.
  • Unify Access Control and Other Systems – A feature-rich, modern access control system is only the beginning. By unifying your LenelS2 access control system with video management, intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems, and more, you can synthesize data in a single user interface to enhance security, safety, building health, and operational efficiency.
  • Choose Your Deployment Setup – Your business, IT, and system operator requirements should inform your security system setup. With a range of deployment options that include browser-based applications, easy-to-install network appliances, and the cloud, we can help you meet your needs.
  • Open-Up Possibilities – With over 200 certified product interfaces and an open API, you can truly optimize your LenelS2 access control system to meet your security and operational needs. And if you require assistance with a unique solution, our team of experts is always available to help.
  • Modernize Aging Systems – Aging access control systems can be limited in functionality, exposed to vulnerabilities, and costly to maintain. Our modern access control systems provide advanced features, ongoing cybersecurity enhancements, and automated software updates. An upgrade can utilize existing infrastructure, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.
  • The Power of the Cloud – Cloud technology offers the advantages of large-scale computing resources in an on-demand model, simplifying product and service delivery as well as minimizing costs. LenelS2 cloud-based services allow you to remotely manage your installed products or deploy an access control system.



The feature-rich, comprehensive OnGuard access control system integrates with a range of security, business, and building systems to meet the needs of the most complex enterprise deployments.



Full-featured, browser-based NetBox access control and event monitoring system is easy to install, intuitive to use, and can scale to meet a range of deployment requirements.



The Elements unified access control and video management solution is built specifically for the cloud and is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses or enterprises with satellite locations.

Video Management

Flexible and scalable, our IP video management systems fit seamlessly into your security environment. Whether you choose a LenelS2 video management system or a third-party system, our unified security client brings together video, access control, and more for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Enhance Situational Awareness – By unifying video surveillance and management with access control, video analytics, intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems, and more, you can synthesize data in a single, intuitive user interface to enhance security, safety, building health, and operational efficiency.
  • Check-in Anytime, Anywhere – View live and recorded video from an app or web browser while on the go. Staying on top of the latest events improves productivity and response time.
  • Gain Actionable Insights – With integrated video analytics, you can more effectively identify real-time threats by detecting people and objects in places they do not belong. You can also more efficiently pinpoint specific video events in forensic investigations and improve operations.
  • Manage Video Footage – Easily store and manage recorded video footage for evidence in forensic investigations. Crowdsourced video from mobile devices can also be uploaded to the system to supplement video from security cameras.
  • Increase Efficiency for Every User – Whether a security operations center team member, a receptionist in a lobby, or a mobile security officer – each user needs to see and interact with the information that’s important to their role. Our range of clients is designed for their unique requirements, increasing efficiency and responsiveness.


Magic Monitor

Magic Monitor unified client brings together access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and live Internet feeds together for enhanced situational awareness. access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and live Internet feeds in a single client.



VRx video management systems provide a next-generation experience featuring UHD playback, deep learning analytics capabilities, onboard object detection, and more.



XProtect Corporate is a powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, high-risk security deployments.

Mobile Credentials

Mobile credentials enhance security as well as building and personal health by limiting contact with shared devices. By having a keyless entry system for businesses, employees are able to be easily identified through their mobile devices and don’t have to worry about keeping track of their keys or key badges. BlueDiamond multi-technology readers and mobile credentials provide next-generation access control.
  • Smart Access Technology – Mobile credentials make it possible to use your phone as a way to authenticate and gain access through a smartphone door access control system.
  • Increased Security – A mobile credential access control system adds several layers of security above the normal plastic card. First, smartphones provide additional security with pin codes, fingerprints, or face ID that unlock the phone in order for the mobile credential to be used. Second, when the mobile credential is transmitted to the reader, the basic card encryption (Prox, DESFire, iCLASS, etc.) is enhanced by another encryption layer used to secure the transmission of the card payload to the reader.
  • Added Convenience – Mobile credentials don’t require an access card to be kept in a wallet or attached to a lanyard. Many of us routinely carry our smartphones throughout the day. Our smartphone door access control system gives system administrators the option to enable employees to enter pre-authorized doors.
  • Reduced Costs – Mobile credentialing costs are predictable and can eliminate the capital costs of plastic badges, printers, ink, storage, and handling. Unlike most plastic cards, mobile credentials may be reused, transferred, and remotely deactivated.
  • Limited Device Contact – If you’re looking for an easy-to-use system that has the ability to limit people’s contact with access control and other security systems, a mobile credential access control system is your answer.
  • Planned Migration – Our industry-leading multi-technology readers support mag stripe, proximity, and recent chip-based smart cards, as well as mobile credentials, allowing your organization to upgrade at its own pace.



BlueDiamond™ access control readers and credentials offer a complete, effortless, next-generation experience.


BlueDiamond Multi-Tech Readers

BlueDiamond multi-technology readers are among the most versatile access control readers available.


Mobile App + Credentials

The BlueDiamond mobile app provides a touchless access experience by turning smartphones into secure access control devices.

Cloud-Based Control & Security Solutions

Manage access control and your physical security solutions from the cloud. No matter the scale or complexity of your deployment, LenelS2 cloud-based access control and security solutions support your evolving needs in an ever-changing security landscape.
  • Scalable and Flexible – Businesses of all sizes can benefit from leveraging the power of the cloud to simplify their system setup, ensure predictable costs and manage their security with fewer resources all while minimizing installation time, training, and total cost of ownership. The flexibility of cloud-based solutions allows your solution to grow with your organization.
  • Unified Cloud-Based Physical Security – Enhance the safety, building health and operational efficiency of your organization by accessing all of your security information in one location.
  • Modernize Aging Systems Without Downtime – As traditional security systems age, there is a need to continuously replace or update the systems to decrease risk, including patching, cybersecurity enhancements, and more. These updates require downtime, personnel, and usually monetary investment to implement the updates.
  • Reduce Risks – When using on-premises security software, your organization is liable for ransomware attacks. By hosting on the cloud, you’re reducing cyber risk by relying on the expertise and safeguards of your trusted security system provider.
  • Cost-Effective – Cloud-based access control systems usually require a lower total cost of ownership when compared to traditional on-premises solutions. With on-premises solutions, there are a range of ongoing costs that are associated directly with hardware and installation. Additionally, on-premises solutions often require manual labor to maintain, whereas cloud-based solutions are updated automatically, leading to less manual labor and a more predictable, consistent cost structure.
  • Accessible from Anywhere – Empower your teams to respond to incidents anywhere and at any time through our LenelS2 cloud-based solutions. Through the cloud, you’re empowered to secure specific areas of a building in the case of an incident – immediately.



The Elements unified access control and video management solution is built specifically for the cloud and is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses or enterprises with satellite locations.

Advanced Services

Dedicated to advancing your security priorities, our team of experts helps you successfully deploy, maintain and get the most out of your LenelS2 system.
  • Ensure the Success of Every Project – Our experienced, specialized professionals help ensure the success of complex, high-risk installations of every scale, minimizing downtime during migrations and upgrades.
  • Meet Advanced Software Integration Needs – Expert-level solution design and engineering resources extend and integrate your LenelS2 access control system with external systems, streamlining business processes and helping meet your unique security needs.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – Ensure your LenelS2 security system is running at peak performance to avoid any interruption of critical business functions with preventive maintenance and diagnostic services.
  • Optimize System Operational Efficiency – Our dedicated technical project engineers identify operating inconsistencies across your LenelS2 system to help lower costs and maximize system performance.
Our Professional Engineering Services team works with LenelS2 to accomplish short-term projects including upgrades, mergers and migrations, hardening, access level management, deployments, cardholder cleanup, and fault tolerance/high availability solutions for the end users. We can serve you remotely or onsite with planning, testing, and execution. Our team makes it possible to plan and implement software, systems, and database upgrades for you. Contact us today to talk to an expert about our solutions and services.

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