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We strive to provide each of our customers with fantastic service when it comes to technical support and repair, wireless networking, hardware/software integration and implementation, custom training, on-site surveys and assessments, and much more. Our professional services provide organizations with custom-tailored support to ensure the greatest impact. We’re excited to work with your team to strategize a plan designed to fit your current and future needs.
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RFID Services

RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data using tags, readers, and antennas, in an effort to automatically identify and track inventory and assets. We provide a full suite of RFID solutions and services, specializing in assisting organizations to achieve a higher level of efficiency and accuracy than ever before while freeing up human resources to focus on more important revenue-generating tasks.

Networking Services

Optimize your network by reaching users wherever they are, ensuring business continuity no matter what, and accelerating innovative capabilities when it matters most. We can help you deploy a robust and unified wireless network for your IT infrastructure. Our services include Wireless Site Survey and System Assessment, WLAN Infrastructure Deployment, On-Site Depot, and Equipment Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and more.

Printing and Labeling Services

We offer comprehensive enterprise printing and labeling services designed to streamline and optimize the printing processes for businesses. Whether it’s creating standardized label templates, implementing barcode or RFID technologies, or ensuring compliance with industry regulations, our enterprise printing and labeling services are geared toward enhancing visibility, productivity, and operational efficiency for businesses.

Supply Chain Services

ValuTrack is a provider of end-to-end supply chain, enterprise mobility, and automated identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions for performance-driven organizations. Our team of industry-specific experts will look at your organization’s technology infrastructure, workflows, business processes, and other factors in order to provide you with innovative technology as well as best practice insights so that you can ensure your supply chain remains productive.

Technology Repair and Support Services

ValuTrack provides support that keeps your operations running at peak performance.  Whether it’s understanding how to properly utilize a technology solution or fixing hardware or software, we’ve got you covered.  Our capabilities and comprehensive suite of solutions extend the life of your equipment while lowering your overall total cost of ownership.  We provide customer support that includes Depot Repair and Support, On-Site Equipment Repairs, Maintenance Contracts, Technical Support, and more.

Cybersecurity Services

We offer market-leading cybersecurity services as well as cloud-based next-generation antivirus software providing comprehensive 24/7 coverage with integrated threat intelligence and immediate response securing your assets, network, and environment in real time. We will sit down with you and formulate a plan that provides your organization visibility, protection, and threat detection enabling you to secure any OT, IT, and XIoT environment, big or small. Our services include Incident Response, Technical Assessments, Training, Advisory Services, and more.

Deployment Services

ValuTrack’s deployment services prepare each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle. We’ll help you deploy any one of our technology solution offerings, including hardware, software, wireless networks, security systems, and more. Our deployment services get new hardware working for you, faster with customizable preloaded information and applications.

Custom Application Development

When off-the-shelf software programs or generic applications don’t quite fit the needs of your company, talk to us about developing a custom software solution or augmenting your existing application to help create efficiencies, optimize workflow and improve your bottom line. Our engineers have decades of experience in building individualized programs and applications tailored to your specific wireless mobile computing needs.

Service Contract Management

As your business grows and changes you may find yourself in a position where you need to add or remove service contracts. We provide enterprise repair, maintenance, and renewal services to support your fleet of devices for as long as you need them in service. We will manage all of your service contracts to ensure that your organization is able to operate uninterrupted by expiration dates.

Custom Training

We provide custom training services, covering all aspects of your hardware and software solutions to anyone that wants to learn more about utilizing the technology we supply. Training your team to make sure everyone understands how to properly use our technology solutions can play a large role in ensuring your return on investment objectives are attained.

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We carry the best hardware and software solutions from manufacturers across all the industries we serve. Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures you are getting the “right” solution for your specific application.

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