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Custom Application Development

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Custom Software Applications to Meet your Business Needs

Custom Software Applications to Meet your Business Needs

We offer custom application development services to help organizations address their unique business challenges and leverage the power of tailored software solutions. Our team of experienced developers and engineers collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop custom applications that align with your goals and objectives.

Achieve More with Custom Software Applications

When off-the-shelf software programs or canned applications don’t quite fit your company’s needs, call ValuTrack. We can develop a custom software solution or augment your existing applications to give you the power you need to grow your business. Our engineers have decades of experience in building individualized programs and applications tailored to your specific wireless mobile computing needs. We’ll help create efficiencies, optimize workflow, and improve your bottom line. Talk to us about our custom application development services today.

Custom application development process:

  • Collaborative Process – Personnel at all levels of your business can be involved in the app design process. End-user representatives of the team must participate, from product developers, warehouse workers, their supervisors, financial managers, and other end users who know the requirements of the user interface.
  • User-Friendly Tools – There is no need for a programmer as application development tools rely on pre-built starter apps with a graphical user interface so the people developing them can easily drag and drop the necessary components.
  • Interactive Development – Instead of all the planning happening at the front end with rigid parameters for development, testing and adjustments are made from the first early prototype. The flexibility of such ongoing responsiveness supports fast, organic software development.
Custom Application Development Services

Intuitive Software with Built-in Dashboards

Our application development services are particularly suitable for processes where the requirements of the user interface drive the design. If your business is a warehouse operation or distribution center, off-site repair, field inspections, or any other mobile business, talk to us about creating a mobile application for tracking, moving, and managing data. Our experts will help you make the move from pen and paper to intuitive software with built-in dashboards and an easy-to-use interface.

Custom application features:

  • Define screens based on device capabilities
  • Identify the information that has to flow through the database between the front-line end user, accounting, shipping, purchasing, supervisors, and anyone else in the business operation
  • Customize the data collection by selecting numeric and text fields according to the requirements of the process
  • Map fields to screen, building different forms for different purposes
  • Deploy to a Windows Mobile/CE device or barcode terminal to upload and download data
  • Mobile application development is straightforward but can be easily adjusted, done over, or sped up, however, you need it.

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