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Cybersecurity Services

We provide a wide range of cybersecurity services that encompasses capabilities, including risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, security monitoring, incident response, and security awareness training. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that address their unique security needs in order to safeguard critical systems, data, and networks.

Cybersecurity Services that Reveal and Protect all OT, IT, and XIoT Assets

We offer market-leading cybersecurity services as well as cloud-based next-generation antivirus software providing comprehensive 24/7 coverage with integrated threat intelligence and immediate response securing your assets, network, and environment in real-time. We will sit down with you and formulate a plan that provides your organization visibility, protection, and threat detection enabling you to secure any OT, IT, and XIoT environment, big or small. When you decide to move forward with one of our solutions, our team of security experts will assist you throughout your entire journey. You can trust our systems integration and management services to identify gaps in your security frameworks, help you maintain compliance, and automate routine security procedures to mitigate risk to your organization.
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and services that help you prepare to defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance your cybersecurity practices and controls. Our services include Risk Assessment & Management, Incident Response & Management, Compliance & Regulatory Alignment, Managed Security Services, and Security Awareness Training.

Risk Assessment and Management

ValuTrack’s approach to risk assessment and management is a comprehensive and adaptive strategy aimed at fortifying organizations against potential cyber threats. The process begins with a meticulous identification of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities, followed by a thorough analysis of potential risks and their prioritization based on severity. We collaborate with organizations to develop and implement targeted mitigation strategies, including the deployment of security controls, continuous monitoring, and incident response planning. Emphasizing continuous improvement, regular reviews ensure that cybersecurity measures remain aligned with organizational goals and effectively address evolving threats. Our holistic approach not only informs informed decision-making but also ensures compliance with industry regulations and fosters a proactive stance towards risk mitigation, ultimately contributing to a resilient and secure cybersecurity posture.

Incident Response and Management

ValuTrack’s approach to incident response and management is comprehensive, encompassing meticulous preparation, swift detection, and effective containment and eradication of security incidents. By collaborating with organizations to develop detailed incident response plans, we’ll ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, communication protocols are established, and response teams are well-prepared through regular training and drills. With a focus on real-time detection and advanced analysis, we assist in the rapid identification of potential security threats, allowing for immediate containment and eradication measures. The emphasis on effective communication, documentation, and legal compliance ensures a coordinated and transparent response, reducing downtime and financial impact.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Our comprehensive approach to compliance and regulatory alignment begins with a meticulous assessment of industry-specific regulations and standards relevant to each organization. Through detailed gap analyses, we can identify areas where cybersecurity practices may fall short, enabling the creation of customized compliance plans tailored to the organization’s regulatory landscape. The implementation of security controls, including encryption, access controls, and data protection protocols, ensures adherence to regulatory requirements. Thorough documentation and reporting practices provide transparent records for audits and regulatory inquiries, mitigating compliance risks and potential legal penalties. Our continuous monitoring and legal expertise enable organizations to stay abreast of regulatory changes, ensuring a proactive response to evolving compliance demands.

Managed Security Services

ValuTrack’s Managed Security Services (MSS) offer organizations a comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity approach, encompassing continuous monitoring, advanced threat detection, and rapid incident response. Leveraging expert threat intelligence, We’ll ensure the early identification and mitigation of potential security threats, contributing to a resilient cybersecurity posture. MSS includes vulnerability management, firewall and intrusion prevention management, endpoint security, and security awareness training, addressing a spectrum of security challenges. The services provide regular security reporting, offering organizations insights into their security posture and supporting compliance efforts. Our MSS, designed to be scalable and flexible, not only optimizes internal resources but also aligns with industry best practices, promoting operational continuity and proactive threat mitigation for organizations of varying sizes and complexities.

Security Awareness Training

Our Security Awareness Training is a dynamic and tailored initiative designed to instill a heightened level of cybersecurity awareness among employees. The cybersecurity partners we work with (Claroty and Crowdstrike) provide customized training programs that address the specific risks of each organization, incorporating interactive learning modules, role-based training, and regular updates to ensure relevancy. The training program extends beyond routine education, including specialized sessions for leadership teams to champion a security-conscious culture. Progress is tracked through metrics, allowing organizations to measure the effectiveness of the training and continuously adapt to emerging threats. 

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