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Deployment Services

Ensure seamless implementation and integration of technology solutions for organizations. We provide deployment services that cover end-to-end support, from initial planning to final execution, to ensure a smooth and successful deployment. Our experienced team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor the deployment process accordingly to maximize the value of your technology investments and accelerate productivity.

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Recognize ROI Faster with Swift Deployment Services

ValuTrack’s deployment services prepare each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle. We’ll help you deploy any one of our technology solution offerings including hardware, software, wireless networks, security systems, and more. Customize your deployment with any combination of services to get the best experience. We’ll preload all the information and applications your hardware needs in order to work properly in your organization. Our deployment services get new hardware working for you, faster with our Software Loading, Kitting, Etching, Onboarding, RMA and reverse logistics, and Order fulfillment services, saving your IT team tremendous amounts of time and inconvenience. Talk to us today about deploying a ValuTrack technology solution into your business.


RFID Infrastructure Deployment

Network Infrastructure Deployment

Security Infrastructure Deployment

MotionWorks Signature Services

RTLS Infrastructure Deployment

Warehouse Management System Deployment

Mobile Device Configuration and Deployment

Barcode Tracking System Deployment

Aspects of our Deployment Services Include:

Software Loading

Installation and configuration of the operating system and application settings to help each site get the equipment up and running on your host system

Kit Assembly

Waste removal and repackaging for straight-from-the-box use, including the addition of accessories such as cases and screen protectors


Follow the order of operation for each new device such as initial charging and startup — critical steps that play into future functionality and battery life

Performance Testing

Measurements of proper functionality and endurance through hardware stress testing and assessing against any common startup failures


Define access privileges, create user profiles, set up user names and temporary passwords, configure security settings, and company network registration

Asset Tagging

Laser etching and barcoded asset tags are added to each component of a kit and recorded within a database with associated serial numbers and end users


Ship each device to its specific location and arrange any necessary physical device setup within the operation

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