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Transform Predictive Analytics into Decisions with Device Visibility Across your Enterprise

Empower data-driven decisions with predictive and actionable analytics across your entire device fleet, all from a single dashboard. VisibilityIQ Foresight enables you with a portfolio of tools to generate data-driven, actionable insights powered by Zebra.

Empower data-driven decisions with predictive and actionable analytics across your entire device fleet, all from a single dashboard. VisibilityIQ Foresight enables you with a portfolio of tools to generate data-driven, actionable insights powered by Zebra.

VisibilityIQ Foresight Gives You Instant Business Intelligence about Your Zebra Devices, When and How You Need It.

Devices are critical to your operations and if they’re not operating at their peak, it can hurt your business. Managing hundreds or thousands of mobile computers, printers, and scanners can be difficult – and a mobile device management system doesn’t provide the predictive insights you need for data-driven decisions. Without clear, comprehensive data that’s easy to access, you can’t see how your devices are performing or decide what next steps to take to improve your operations. Our device visibility services enable you with a portfolio of tools to generate data-driven, actionable insights powered by Zebra Data Service. Get instant business intelligence about your Zebra devices and leverage the most from your assets, workers and daily tasks with VisibilityIQ Foresight.

Optimize device availability and uptime: Optimize device availability to enhance productivity – so your devices are working when and where you need them. Predictive analytics help you proactively address potential device issues before they impact your business, and uncover opportunities for cost-cutting, right-sizing inventory, load-balancing devices and reducing lost or stolen assets.

Leverage one, easy-to-manage view: Intelligently combine data from unique Zebra data sources such as contracts, repair and case management systems with our own IoT agent and available MDMs. It translates the data into an easy-to-grasp, color-coded, one-view solution illustrating actionable insight and alerts on your fleet of mobile devices, no matter where they’re located across the operation.

Go beyond MDM tools to improve operations: MDM tools are transactional in nature and for IT experts only. VisibilityIQ Foresight is a complete solution designed around intelligent big data analytics. It quickly processes data points from millions of devices every day, and applies machine learning techniques to generate actionable insights with historical trends to run your business more efficiently.

Device Health: A Full View of Your Mobile Device Health

Maximize device uptime, ROI, and worker productivity by ensuring the health of your devices proactively. With VisibilityIQ Foresight, you can take the guesswork out of when to replace dead batteries, and whether your devices are up to date with the latest security.

  • Smart Battery Health: Provides clear recommendations of the exact batteries in your fleet that need to be replaced now or soon. Identify batteries with health issues not lasting a full shift.
  • Printer Alerts: Provides immediate information on the health of your printer, including clear tags of whether the head element is bad.
  • Device Disruptions: Identify and troubleshoot problem applications that frequently crash, problem devices that regularly reboot, flag poor user behavior
  • LifeGuard & Application Analytics: Stay on top of OS security patches and application versions

Device Utilization: Keep Operations Running Smoothly from Anywhere

Understand the distribution and usage of your devices to help forecast the ideal combination of devices at each site and the types of devices needed to increase business performance. Gain productivity insights to see how your devices are being used.

  • Utilization Rightsizing: Allows you to easily make data-based determinations if a site has a surplus and can be redistributed to sites that are frequently over-utilized. VisibilityIQ leverages machine learning on historical trends to provide predictive utilization insights.

  • Application Analytics: Enables easy identification of applications on devices tagged for business or non-business. Track and compare the total minutes used by each application and version. Flag high usage of non-business apps, or low usage of business apps. Compare usage data across sites or shifts.

Device Inventory: Prevent Device Loss with Predictive Insights

Losing or misplacing a device, or hundreds of devices, costs you. To reduce loss, you need to understand where, when, and how a device is trending toward a lost state. VisilityIQ Foresight provides a business full understanding of their mobile computer, scanners, and printer inventory. Predict and reduce device loss by tracking device locations and unusual activity through machine learning analytics. Plus, with the ability to send audio and visual notifications for device tracking, you can recover devices quickly while avoiding disruption in your workflows. Businesses can now plan their fleet to have adequate devices at each site to support immediate business needs and plan for busy seasons or anticipated change in business device needs.

  • Total Devices: Provides an overall view of your total fleet to see if your devices are on site, in operation, in repair, in the spare pool, or inbound to the customer.
  • Devices in Operations: Provides one view of full inventory categorized by utilization and contract status.
  • Newly Activated Devices: Allows you to easily track and monitor the use of the additions to your fleet.
  • Geo Locations: Provides a clickable map view of your device by location to easily see fleet and individual device details by the site.
  • Out of Contact: Enables you to identify and reduce the number of lost stolen and misplaced devices, leveraging the last known access point information to locate and recover before. Track OOC devices to evaluate the impact on efficiency and evaluate workflows.
  • Prevent devices from being lost: Reduce costs of replacements by predicting which devices are at risk with past trends
  • Avoid downtime during a switch: Keep productivity high by ensuring workers have the tools they need
  • Keep your fleet up to date: Plan for upgrades with historical data on lifespans and expirations

Prevent downtime and unexpected repair costs by gaining device health, utilization, historical trends, analytics and inventory data (insights) for your entire fleet, from printers, to mobile computers, to scanners. Keep operations running at their peak, enabling data-driven decisions for your business and empowering you to get more out of your investment.

Go Beyond Device Management with Prescriptive Insights

VisibilityIQ Foresight goes beyond simple device management. It provides operational insights on historical data trending, current state health, and actionable predictive intelligence to prevent issues and empower informed decisions. Even if you are already using an MDM or in-house system, VisibilityIQ Foresight seamlessly integrates to extract your data and combine ours to provide the actionable insights your current system cannot provide on its own.

VisibilityIQ Foresight Covers All your Zebra Devices

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