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Simplify the Integration Process for New Technologies

Terminal Emulation (TE) integration platforms enable you to maximize your hardware investment by simplifying device migration and modernization. Integrating new technologies into your existing warehouse management system or enterprise system doesn’t have to be difficult. We will help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization with quick and easy onboarding. Our solutions will increase the lifecycle of your technology by adding features like barcode scanning, optimizing with automation scripts, and even adding voice, all without modifying your host system.

Terminal emulation software allows a user to access a remote system or application from their local computer or device. Essentially, it mimics the functionality of a physical terminal, allowing users to connect to various mainframes, servers, and other legacy systems. The software works by establishing a connection between the user’s computer and the remote system using a specific protocol, such as Telnet or SSH. Once the connection is established, the user can interact with the remote system as if they were physically present in front of it, using the software to send commands, input data, and receive output.

As organizations transition from older systems and devices to more modern ones, they often need to maintain access to legacy applications and data. Terminal emulation software can facilitate this process by allowing users to access and interact with legacy systems from modern devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Our Terminal Emulation Partners

Quickly integrate new technologies into your existing warehouse management system, improving the productivity and efficiency of your organization. StayLinked Terminal Emulation enables you to realize speed, reliability, and security with an improved, intuitive user interface for the modern user experience.

Extend the capabilities of your mobile devices within your enterprise system. Wavelink Terminal Emulation provides supply chain solutions that empower your workers to complete more tasks each shift with faster picking and improved order accuracy, ultimately raising your bottom line.

Terminal Emulation Services

We will be there to help you throughout every step of the process when it comes to deployment, custom training, and support. We will start by talking with you to understand how your business operates. From there implement a strategy that meets your current and future requirements as your organization grows and provisions new devices.

Deployment: Our deployment services prepare each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle. We’ll help you deploy any one of our technology solution offerings, including hardware, software, wireless networks, security systems, and more. Customize your deployment with any combination of services to get the best experience. We’ll preload all the information and applications your hardware needs in order to work properly in your organization. Our deployment services get new hardware working for you, faster with our Software Loading, Kitting, Etching, Onboarding, RMA and reverse logistics, and Order fulfillment services, saving your IT team tremendous amounts of time and inconvenience.

Custom Training: We provide custom training services, covering all aspects of your hardware and software solutions to anyone that wants to learn more about utilizing the technology we supply. Training your team to make sure everyone understands how to properly use our technology solutions can play a large role in ensuring return on investment objectives are attained. If you are implementing a solution for the first time and haven’t had prior experience utilizing the technology, we recommend asking us about training your team. We start with a needs analysis and then cover the design, development, testing, and delivery of custom training to meet your requirements. We’ll make sure that your team is equipt with the knowledge they need to keep your operations running smoothly. Custom training services can be hosted at your facilities or on location at our headquarters in Milford, MA. If you are interested in a custom training session, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Support: ValuTrack provides support services that keep your operations running at peak performance.  Whether it’s understanding how to properly utilize a technology solution or fixing hardware or software, we’ve got you covered.  Our capabilities and comprehensive suite of solutions extend the life of your equipment while lowering your overall total cost of ownership.  We provide custom support services that include depot repair, equipment repair, maintenance contracts, on-site repairs, and more.

The Benefits of Device Migration and Modernization

Terminal emulation can offer several benefits when it comes to device migration and modernization. One of the primary benefits is that it allows organizations to extend the life of their legacy systems by using modern devices to access and interact with them. This can help reduce the cost and complexity of migrating to new hardware or software systems. Additionally, terminal emulation can help organizations maintain data security and compliance by providing a secure connection between devices and legacy systems. It also enables employees to work more efficiently by providing a familiar interface and reducing the need for extensive training on new systems.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Terminal emulation allows organizations to migrate to newer devices without having to completely replace existing systems, which can be expensive.
  • Compatibility: Terminal emulation provides compatibility between older and newer systems, allowing organizations to continue using legacy applications without needing to modify or rewrite them.
  • Simplified migration: With terminal emulation, the migration process can be simplified, as it eliminates the need to retrain users on new systems, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Flexibility: Terminal emulation software can be configured to work with a wide range of devices and systems, making it a flexible solution for device migration and modernization.
  • Improved productivity: With terminal emulation, users can continue to work with familiar systems and interfaces, which can help to improve productivity and minimize downtime during the migration process.
  • Reduced risk: Terminal emulation allows organizations to migrate to newer systems in a gradual and controlled manner, reducing the risk of errors and downtime associated with a complete system overhaul.
  • Future-proofing: Terminal emulation can help to future-proof an organization’s technology infrastructure by allowing for smooth transitions between older and newer systems as technology continues to evolve.

Deployment Services

ValuTrack’s deployment services prepare each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle. We’ll help you deploy any one of our technology solution offerings, including hardware, software, wireless networks, security systems, and more. Our deployment services get new hardware working for you, faster with customizable preloaded information and applications.

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