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We can provide your organization a comprehensive labeling software for businesses of all sizes. ValuTrack specializes in helping organizations around the world improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance by optimizing their labeling processes and implementing a label management system that empowers users. We’ll give you the tools you need to easily and efficiently design labels and other documents, connect those designs to live database data, integrate automated printing with existing business systems, and launch print requests from any system, OS, or device. Users can monitor and manage all of these processes securely, from a single centralized location. BarTender by Seagull Scientific is available in four editions for every business size with their Starter, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise packages.

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Powerful Design with Intelligent Templates

BarTender’s exclusive Intelligent Templates™ enable companies to produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate documents. Tell templates, layers and even objects when to print based on a single data source or database field, or on multiple conditions. Password-protect layers to prevent unauthorized edits. Share global data fields such as incrementing serial numbers among all documents.

Key Bartender Features:

  • BarTender includes more than 400 pre-formatted, ready-to-use barcode components and 60 barcode symbologies as well as full support for GS1 standards.
  • BarTender Integration Builder enables sophisticated printing automation from a wide variety of business systems, including SAP and Oracle. Powerful database connectivity includes a live preview wizard to help you set up dynamic forms, search and select records, and incorporate print-time input.
  • BarTender delivers flexible serialization which enables the issuance of unique serial identifiers at customizable frequencies.
  • BarTender providesfull RFID support for the latest label and tag types, including EPC (Electronic Product Code).
  • BarTender enables you to design and print two-sided cards, including magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.

Chemical Labeling

Chemical manufacturers, distributors, and importers struggle to keep up with an industry that is transforming at a breakneck pace, and with a growing collection of rules and regulations for the labeling and tracking of materials.

BarTender® software is the secure and trusted labeling software that adapts to meet the global regulations and business demands of the chemical industry. The world’s chemical facilities choose BarTender for its ease of deployment and configurable technology, all backed by industry expertise — at ValuTrack we understand the regulatory and supply chain pressures chemical facilities face.  Give us a call and talk to a ValuTrack specialist today to learn more about Seagull’s Bartender solution.

Which Bartender Solution is Right for you?


The BarTender Starter Edition by Seagull Scientific is ideally suited for small businesses and departments that need to quickly and easily generate labels including support for dynamic variable data from a database like an Excel or CSV files. Equipped with easy label design tools, the BarTender Starter Edition allows users to create commercial-quality labels in-house while reducing process errors and waste.


Ideal for small businesses and departments, the BarTender Professional Edition by Seagull Scientific includes RFID encoding and enables linking to content from databases, spreadsheets, and other files along with an industry-leading designer for sophisticated label and card designs. With the BarTender Professional edition, users can increase productivity with powerful design tools and simplify complex printing with configurable data-entry forms. The BarTender Professional Edition supports over 20 major databases or data file types including MS SQL, Excel/Online, QuickBooks Online, Access, XML, JSON, CSV, and IBM DB2. This version comes standard with all of the features included in the Starter edition plus RFID, smart card encoding support, advanced printing controls, dynamic data, Intelligent Templates, and more.


Ideal for businesses that are looking to automate labeling to increase speed and accuracy, the BarTender Automation Edition by Seagull Scientific provides tools to manage and integrate label and document printing with the organization’s business systems. The BarTender Automation Edition offers increased efficiency with seamless integration to virtually any business system. With the BarTender Automation Edition, users can automate printing based on data entry events. No coding or programming is required. This version comes standard with all of the features included in the Starter and Professional Editions plus flexible integration, diverse database support, automated print-time processes, secure printing operations, advanced printing controls, and more.


The BarTender Enterprise Edition by Seagull Scientific is ideally suited for businesses that operate in regulated industries or span multiple locations and need to control design and printing throughout the organization. As the most full-featured edition, the BarTender Enterprise Edition provides the tools to manage, secure, and control an entire solution across printing locations. This version comes standard with all of the features included in the Starter, Professional, and Automation Editions plus centralized document storage and management, comprehensive security, auditable processes, enhanced reliability for mission-critical environments, and more.

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