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An Advanced Warehouse Management System to Advance your Business

What’s your top priority today? Perhaps you want to boost employee productivity, reduce labor and training costs, and avoid any unplanned stock-outs in your warehouse. Or you need end-to-end product traceability to minimize post-shipment disruption. Do you need to ensure quality and quarantine controls in your business as well as compliance? HAL Systems warehouse management system can help you reach your business goals – today and tomorrow – with a high-value, low-cost inventory management solution.

You don’t have to be a big company with a big budget to have the most advanced technology for inventory management. HAL’s warehouse management system, SaaS based solution from ValuTrack, delivers all of the features  you would expect such as tracking and management of receiving, internal material movements, manufacturing, and shipping transactions and more with a level of customization you demand.

HAL TRAXX™ Warehouse Management System 

HAL Traxx Inventory is a warehouse management system for warehousing and production environments.  HAL Traxx Inventory integrates with all majory ERP systems and costs a fraction of the price.  Your business gets a real-time, browser-based, robust application that scales to your needs as your business grows.  Being a highly scalable solution, HAL Traxx Inventory provides higher value at lower costs – you only pay for the features your specific business requires.  Simplify your business while saving money, talk to a ValuTrack Warehouse Management System expert today.

  • Configurable elements that can be selected, customized and modified by the user, and changed as business requirements change, without relying on programming changes:
    • Glossary of terms (four languages included)
    • Workflows – Business Rules
    • Authorizations
    • Locations and codes
  • Dynamic bin allocation for optimal facility utilization
  • Tracking of production and batch/lot control ensures end-to-end product traceability
  • Quality control and quarantine functions for critical processes
  • Directed picks (including voice) for maximum labor efficiency
  • EDI transactions enable you to meet specific customer requirements
  • Image-enabled for accurate product recognition

Is your Warehouse on Wheels?

HAL Traxx™ Inventory can be configured with a Traxx™ Mobile capability to easily monitor material movements between fixed and mobile locations (service vehicles, trucks) and can be interfaced with other systems for fast and accurate invoicing.

Interfacing with Legacy Applications?
HAL’S Warehouse Management System makes it Easy

HAL Traxx Inventory is an innovative solution that will interface with your legacy system, no problem. At ValuTrack, we specialize in meeting challenges that other companies might consider too difficult, small or unusual. We’ll work closely with your resources to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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