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We can help you implement an integration platform that enables you to take your organization’s existing investment in Terminal Emulation-based systems to a whole new level. Quickly and easily integrate new technologies into their existing warehouse management system (WMS), improving productivity and efficiency. StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product specifically designed for wireless environments. ¬†Traditional TE solutions are, by the nature of their architecture and transport layer, incapable of dealing with the real-world inconsistencies of both Wifi and Cellular wireless networks. StayLinked TE delivers very secure, high-speed terminal emulation while completely eliminating dropped sessions.


Integrating your existing warehouse management systems (WMS) with the new and emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be costly and complex. Evolve has been developed to enable the rapid integration of technologies such as robotics with existing systems. With the pioneering StayLinked Evolve platform, you can take advantage of new technologies by quickly and easily integrating them with your existing warehouse management system.


SmartTE provides a way to take advantage of today’s modern touchscreen devices with terminal emulation by transforming application screens into easy-to-use, graphical data collection screens with no changes to the underlying enterprise applications. Get an application that allows you to realize speed, reliability, and security while increasing productivity and usability with the addition of an intuitive, modern user experience.

What SmartTE and Evolve Can Do for You

StayLinked has been helping improve efficiency and productivity for existing terminal emulation (TE) systems for nearly two decades. SmartTE allows you to take advantage of today’s touch screen devices without changing underlying applications. SmartTE was designed and developed to allow companies to connect new AIDC devices with existing TE-based systems, delivering unparalleled reliability with no dropped sessions. The impact of lost data can be catastrophic, not only causing delays and risking a breach in service-level Agreements but also demotivating workers who lose faith in the technology. StayLinked’s superior architecture never drops a session, so you can feel confident that your data will always get from A to B regardless of whether the network connection is dropped or a device powers down.

Evolve takes this to the next level, enabling companies to integrate new IIoT technologies, quickly and easily, with minimum investment and very low risk. We can help you evolve your operations from where they are today to where they want to be. Evolve reduces the time taken to evaluate and deploy new technologies from months to weeks, eliminating the need for complex integrations with proprietary software that typically runs on IIoT technologies. Evaluate, measure, deploy, and optimize.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the latest technology without upgrading your WMS or you want to deploy new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to increase productivity and combat labor shortages, ValuTrack has the expertise and technology to make it easy to integrate new technologies into your organization.

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