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We can provide you with Terminal Emulation software, which extends your enterprise systems to warehouse workers’ mobile devices. Empower workers to pick faster, with improved order accuracy, completing more tasks each shift. Add barcode scanning, optimize with automation scripts, and even add voice, all without modifying your host system. Mobility solutions empower your workers, improve productivity, and raise your bottom line. Our customers realize measurable gains in metrics ranging from money and time to worker safety and morale.

Uninterrupted Productivity

Productivity can happen outside of Wi-Fi coverage. With Terminal Emulation, your workers can go where the task takes them, thanks to our Session Persistence Server. The Session Persistence Server reconnects workers to the host seamlessly while maintaining the TE application state—even through a device reboot or battery change.

Built for the Life of your Mobile Deployment

Rugged mobile computers are a valuable productivity tool for your workforce, designed to endure harsh environments. The lifecycle of a deployment can be five, seven, or even 10 years or more. Ivanti Terminal Emulation has been, and continues to be, available and enhanced for the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems, enabling you to transition on your terms.

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Voice‑Enable your Mobile Deployment

Boost worker productivity even more by providing them with text-to-speech and speech-to-text voice enablement. Speakeasy integrates easily with Ivanti Terminal Emulation on recent-generation Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices that offer speaker/microphone support.

Perform Support Easily

Take control of a telnet session to troubleshoot, or review session logs for insight into performance history for a specific device. Data extends beyond the telnet client, including scanning performance and battery issues. Use Ivanti Avalanche to manage your telnet deployment for optimized application and mobile device management.

Operational Excellence in Business-Critical Environments

Ivanti Wavelink, the Supply Chain division of Ivanti, is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker operational excellence in business-critical environments. From manufacturers to distributors, and 3PL firms to retailers, the world’s top organizations trust Ivanti’s industry-leading mobile enterprise application solutions to enhance worker productivity at the edge while offering IIoT capabilities using low-code, low-risk automation, with actionable outcomes.

From inventory to picking, receiving to cross-docking, your workers execute tasks everywhere on the floor and beyond. Our solutions help them navigate tasks while leveraging the advanced data-capture technologies available in your chosen mobile devices and interface with all leading systems. Wavelink’s industry-standard Terminal Emulation software powers your workers’ productivity for whichever device platform you deploy. Here at ValuTrack, we can help you implement Ivanti’s terminal emulation solutions that solve the challenges of a dynamic enterprise mobile environment.

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