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If you need to be sure that your printed barcode will scan everywhere, how can you check it?  Using a scanner to test the barcode will only tell you if it can be read by that particular scanner, but a barcode verifier will allow you to grade each barcode’s quality. Barcode verification improves code quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. A barcode that does not scan correctly can cause serious problems, from manufacturing errors and production downtime to product returns and even fines. 1D, 2D, and Direct Part Marks (DPM) barcode verifiers are used to guarantee that the barcodes (and markings for DPM) you print are high quality and 100% compliant with ISO/IEC standards. Barcode verifiers are able to provide a detailed report about the print and read quality of a barcode as set out by ANSI and ISO specifications, empowering your team to make the necessary corrections, if necessary, ensuring 100% compliance.

Benefits of Barcode Verification:

  • Reduce product returns
  • Reduce packaging waste and expenses
  • Saving time by avoiding costly reprints and/or re-shipments
  • Guarantee compliance with contract and industry requirements


Axicon barcode verifiers are used across the globe and are fully compliant with the international ISO/IEC standards for both linear and matrix bar codes.  These verifiers are used to measure the quality of printed barcodes, on all levels of product packaging. The Axicon range of verifiers has been developed to ensure that the quality of printed barcodes in use throughout the supply chain can be measured and graded. As the size of these barcodes can vary a great deal, we have developed three different series of verifiers for conventional, linear barcodes, and two series of verifiers that can be used to assess two-dimensional or matrix bar codes.

Axicon provides a wide range of verifiers that includes point-of-sale barcode verifiers, mid-range barcode verifiers, traded unit barcode verifiers, high-speed range verifiers, 1D/2D barcode verifiers, in-line barcode verifiers, portable barcode verifiers, and industrial IP-50 & IP-65 rated verifiers.


If your business produces any type of barcode on any type of product, the right barcode verifier will save you time and give you confidence in your barcoded product. The only way you can be sure your codes meet industry standards and are printing and scanning successfully is to use a barcode verifier or as some call it a barcode checker, that conforms to industry standards. Webscan’s barcode verification software and high-quality optics combine to produce the best solutions for barcode grading available anywhere.

RJS Technologies

RJS Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Inspector series portable bar code verifiers. The Inspector series portable bar code verifiers are accurate, repeatable devices that are used worldwide to ensure bar codes will work throughout the supply chain. Simple, reliable tools that can handle the stress of an industrial environment for many years are some of the hallmarks of the Inspector series.

With Barcode verification you can maximize the efficiency of your manufacturing process by ensuring consistency of your printing process. ValuTrack verification experts can help give you real-time quality control as you verify the output from your printer or code marking equipment. We can help you choose the right RJS solution for your business application.

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