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Voice picking is a paperless, hands-free solution that accelerates order fulfillment throughput and reduces labor requirements with adaptive pick-by-voice modules. When it comes to voice picking we provide modular solutions that deliver accurate real-time insights which enable you to adapt swiftly to meet ever-changing supply chain challenges. As a solutions provider in the SAP supply chain space, we empower your organization to simplify warehouse management, improve efficiency and increase profitability. We specialize in the areas of Voice Picking with SAP as well as other Warehouse Management Solutions, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), Voice enabling SAP Inventory Management (SAP IM), Yard Management, Electronic Signature Solution (eSign), and Labor Management and Analytics, without having the client make a large investment on WM system upgrades, WIFI network and/or new hardware. Our multi-modal and voice-picking solutions support a wide variety of hardware from numerous vendors giving you vendor choice and purchasing power.

Increase Accuracy

Accuracy is essential to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction, as well as inventory and materials management. Using the power of voice, scanning, and visual cues, workers can perform hands-free tasks and dramatically increase speed, without sacrificing accuracy. Enable workers to utilize spoken instructions and have additional input modes to simplify and increase task completion speed and accuracy.

Streamline the Process

Simplify the entire picking process and increase productivity with mobile devices – from finding the best route to an item to on-the-spot verification, and instantly updating product inventory. Speaking commands in your language of choice is faster and easier to learn than reading handheld device screens and pecking at tiny keyboards. Picking with Almasons GiNi Voice is typically 20-30% faster than traditional handheld barcode scanning.

Navigate Faster

Locate inventory more quickly through voice-directed picking. Experienced workers know instantly if inventory has been moved and seasonal workers get up and running faster with less of a learning curve. Multi-modal speech-directed wearable solutions combine the benefits of industry accuracy rates of up to 99.8% delivered by voice-directed picking with simple hands-free scanning to shave seconds off the validation of each transaction.

Almasons GiNi Platform

Almasons GiNi is a software portfolio that adds new functionalities and connects advanced technologies to various enterprise software systems, including WMS, ERP, TMS, and CRM systems. GiNi includes a wide range of workflow modules covering all stages of the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution, and into the retail store. GiNi also connects and enables technical systems such as voice recognition, augmented reality headsets, and robotics.

The GiNi Performance Intelligence module tracks and reports workforce performance, and presents analytics data, dashboards, and heatmaps for supervisor reviews. GiNi utilizes a Configurational approach to avoid expensive enterprise system Custom Programming, allowing workflow extensions and systems integration work to be completed within a few weeks. This is the perfect solution for organizations looking to improve their processes for receiving, putaway, picking, packing, palletizing, loading, BOPIS, M&I, and eSign.

Key Characteristics:

  • Ready-to-deploy workflows
  • GiNi Voice enables On-Device Voice Recognition
  • Pre-built APIs support most ERP, WMS, TMS, and CRM systems.
  • SAP-certified
  • Minimal changes to host systems
  • On and Offline modes, minimize WiFi network demands.
  • Easy to manage without extensive IT resources.

How Does it Work?

A standard Warehouse Management System cannot guarantee a smooth workflow of processes. GiNi interlinks your WMS with voice technology to make it faster, smarter, and more accurate. A state-of-the-art voice-picking technology that conveys voice prompts from the WMS to workers in their preferred language. The system also translates spoken responses into the WMS as digital confirmations. With Almasons GiNi Voice, your employees work with a hands-free device in the form of a headset with a microphone that keeps their hands free and their eyes focused on the task at hand.

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