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Life science companies today are under constant pressure from regulatory bodies to conform to an increasing number of industry standards while having to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. ValuTrack’s host of barcode, FDA compliance software, and labeling solutions let you focus on your core competency of discovering and developing medical technologies and products, while we focus on speeding up workflows, meeting compliance regulations, and improving your bottom line.

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Track and trace specimens and samples as they move throughout your laboratory. Barcoding and RFID are incredible applications that promote accuracy, efficiency, and security in the supply chain. RFID provides a unique identifier on materials or goods that can be read almost instantaneously, providing systems with information for automation and decision-making.

Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure temperature, threshold heat events, freeze events, or a combination, we provide a wide range of time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Trust us to monitor high-value products with highly effective irreversible and reversible indicators that support a variety of stability profiles.

We are providers of the industry’s first and leading dedicated Life Sciences IoT security platform, enabling lab workers to safely do their jobs. Fusing a deep understanding of laboratory workflows and proprietary protocols with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats, Medigate helps life science organizations confidently connect and operate all assets on their network while ensuring protection from data breaches.

Comprehensive physical access control solutions secure your facilities, assets, networks, and cloud resources. We’ll implement an access control and visitor management system that integrates with existing infrastructure to meet your changing business needs, delivering improved security. Unique identities can be confirmed and counterfeiters can be combated by using multi-factor authentication such as biometrics, badges, or digital certificates.

From detailed solution design to consistent maintenance services, expect more from your modernization strategy with ValuTrack.

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