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Manage all of your barcode label information across every retail store in the country or the world, if they are connected to your network.  Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) give you the power to change promotions, pricing, images, and more across any specific item or every one of your items, all within seconds from your computer.  Imagine the cost savings in labor alone of not having to send employees aisle by aisle changing barcode labels or manually adhering to the latest promotional offerings to your goods.  You also eliminate the printing, the errors, and the cost of media.  The system is tied to your POS system, so no product is ever priced incorrectly again!

Display Data Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are revolutionizing the retail space by bringing the shelf edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, personalized, and profitable. We help retailers optimize sales and margin at the shelf edge, where 90% of purchases are still made. Managed remotely, and wirelessly, ESLs cut out time-consuming manual updates, saving your workers time while reducing your printing costs.

Centrally Manage All of your Store Labels with Electronic Shelf Labels

Display Data is leading the way when it comes to refining retail workflows with labeling. Display Data’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) gives you the ability to manage display labels from the tips of your fingers. Smart electronic displays can keep your stores updated with accurate product pricing and information. The world’s best Electronic Shelf Labels are run by a truly enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance. Display Data labels are recognized as being the brightest, sharpest, and most consistent colors available. Battery-powered, easily fitted, and wirelessly managed, our electronic displays are more dynamic and durable than paper, and more cost-effective than LCDs or tablets. They’re also sleek and aesthetic and provide a cost-effective solution that supports the agile and timely flow of data around your plants to help teams work with greater speed and accuracy.

Retail Experiences for the Digital Age

Display Data ESLs create agile, connected spaces that allow you to remotely update any number of labels, anywhere, in seconds. Price and promo strategies can be deployed with speed, agility, and consistency to price match, get ahead of competitors and respond quickly to big data insights. Freeing associates from manual label changes helps them focus on sales, while margins can be improved, too, by more easily graduating price reductions for overhanging stock or fresh goods. And, by showing competitors’ prices and social reviews, you can persuade customers who might be showrooming to buy from you.

The fully graphical ESLs can be used to highlight promos and, more personal, engaging, and rewarding offers can be sent to customers’ smartphones based on their buying behavior – from search histories to past purchases. What’s more, you can partner with brands to promote their products on your labels, growing income from shelf edges that will be more agile, eye-catching – and profitable.

Superior Scalability and In-Store Engagement

Superior scalability and the fastest rollout capabilities to easily deploy and manage millions of IoT-enabled electronic shelf labels, across thousands of stores. This is proven with our largest US customer deploying across North America, and our largest European customers with over 1,300 store install across 7 countries, each in under 2 years. By implementing Display Data into your stores you can expect highly secure end-to-end connectivity with unparalleled industry coverage, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and zero interference with Wi-Fi networks. Big data insight, combined with our IoT-enabled ESLs, drives powerful in-store customer engagement with AR, NFC, and geo-location technology.

Profit From Big Data

Our digital ESLs create connected stores that enable limitless label changes. If big data suggests matching competitors’ offers, it’s easy: You can change one shelf, at one location, or millions of labels, in every store, in seconds. Likewise, when big data insights identify product bundles that are selling well, it’s simple to create and distribute upsell content to the shelf-edge, and replicate successful promos across stores.

Our ESLs put a name to data, enabling you to know who’s in-store. You can use insight into customers’ search histories, social interactions, purchases, and more, to send them precisely targeted offers to smartphones that are more engaging, rewarding – and profitable for you. What’s more, footfall data can be used to alert associates to customers who are dwelling in a certain area of the store, improving customer service.

Smarter Pricing. Stronger Profits.

Digitize the store to deploy price and promo strategies with speed, agility, and consistency. Spend more time with customers, shrink costs, and grow margins. Our eye-catching ESLs provide a blank canvas to automate the update of any shelf-edge, anywhere, in seconds – creating audit trails in the process. Such frictionless pricing frees associates to focus on customers while saving time and money.

Key processes are accelerated too. For instance, our Flash and Collect solution helps associates locate where stock needs to go, accelerating replenishment and returns management. And, with Scan to Position, associates can use a handheld computer to connect shelves with associated products to ease replenishment, online order fulfillment, and planogram compliance. Merchandising is improved too, with associates scanning QR codes on ESLs to view videos and planogram instructions to ensure the store is dressed as you intended.

Highest Quality and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are the highest quality and best performing available using our exclusive DisplaydataLUT™ technology. The most advanced and still only centralized, enterprise-class solution, offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any electronic shelf label vendor. Lowest cost installation and maintenance using the least amount of hardware in-store of any vendor – with no need to close stores and disrupt shoppers. Our solution maximizes battery lifespan and delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) versus any other ESL vendor. The first ESL provider to use sub-1 GHz in our enterprise-class solution and the world’s leading experts.

Electronic Shelf Label sizes range from 1.7″ to 12.5″ and come in 3 Color options: Black and White, Black, Yellow, and White, or Black, Red, and White labels.

Features Include:

  • 5 Year Battery Life
  • 180 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Image Stays if Battery Dies
  • Easily Changeable Batteries

Additional Options Include:

  • Freezer Label Options
  • Bluetooth Label Options

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