ValuTrack provides organizations with security technology that has the power to keep your business, employees, and customers safe from network, data, and facility breaches. We have years of experience integrating our security solutions with existing infrastructure to meet your changing business needs, delivering improved security, reduced costs, and more effective response time.

In today’s day and age, having a strong cybersecurity solution integrated into your business has never been more important.  Protecting your networks and sensitive data is crucial to keeping your operations running. We can provide you with a complete industrial cybersecurity solution that comprises Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Edge technologies. The platform seamlessly integrates with any industrial environment regardless of its scale, architecture, or the maturity of existing cybersecurity programs. Highly flexible and rapid deployment options enable The Claroty Platform to reveal and protect all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets within the network while automatically detecting the earliest indicators of threats to those assets via proprietary detection technologies.

We also offer an expansive product portfolio which includes a wide range of internationally approved solutions such as intrusion and access control systems, analog and digital video systems including CCTV systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors and motion detectors, video switchers, control systems, digital recording systems, multi-factor authentication biometrics, ID badge printing, mobile access, and visitor management.

Security technology from industry-leading providers such as Bosch, Claroty, HID Global, and Lenel has been proven to prevent theft as well as promote workplace safety and quality control. Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of your business and all of its assets.

Security Solutions