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5 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs Voice Picking

2024-07-18T19:40:32+04:00July 18th, 2024|ValuTrack|

As warehousing and distribution businesses strive to meet growing demands and streamline operations, adopting advanced technologies becomes crucial. One such innovation that is transforming warehouse operations is voice picking software. Voice picking utilizes speech recognition technology to guide warehouse workers through their picking tasks, replacing traditional paper-based or handheld

7 Inventory Management Best Practices to Boost Accuracy Rates

2023-10-23T18:52:03+04:00December 2nd, 2020|Zebra|

Although efficient inventory management is crucial in today’s supply chains, over 40% of retailers continue to struggle to keep accurate inventory counts. The issue has resulted in over $900 billion lost in a year to surprise out-of-stock and lost customers. To help improve operations, ValuTrack has taken a look into seven prevalent and easy-to-implement

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