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Powerful Enterprise Mobility Management For Any Device

For mission-critical mobile deployments, only Wavelink has a proven track record of maximizing worker productivity from the warehouse to the storefront.  A ValuTrack application specialist can assist you in understanding the features and capabilities of Wavelink’s Avalanche solution.

Ivanti Wavelink, the Supply Chain division of Ivanti, is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker operational excellence in business-critical environments. The world’s top organizations use our industry-leading mobile enterprise application solutions to enhance worker productivity at the edge while offering IIoT capabilities using low-code, low-risk automation, with actionable outcomes.

24 of the world’s Top 25 Supply Chains use our mobile productivity solutions. From manufacturers, through distributors, 3PL firms, to retailers, our three decades of mobility experience have earned the trust of organizations big and small to empower their workforce.

Wavelink Avalanche

Avalanche Enterprise Mobile Device Management manages some of the most demanding, high-profile supply chain mobility solutions in the world. So, we understand the pressure you’re under to maximize worker (and device) uptime. Wavelink has been managing supply chain and retail mobility since before the age of acronyms. Manufacturers and retailers whose success is measured by their ability to deliver have trusted Avalanche, powered by Wavelink, to keep workers productive. Let us deliver for your business.

We know how important mobile productivity is to your business. Using Avalanche ensures your mobile devices are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. Whether scanners in the warehouse, or tablets on the retail floor, Avalanche helps maintain control of your most critical mobile deployments – keeping them secure, available, and accessible.

At its core, a mobile device management product used for supply chain mobility needs to keep workers connected, effective, and therefore at peak productivity. Visibility is so important to monitoring this – and even more so as businesses migrate to Android.  Consider the rapid patch cycle for Android. Businesses need real-time visibility to ensure devices have installed the latest OS updates, for example. This is where Avalanche offers great value.

Supply chain analysts need to be able to create software and compliance reports easily. They need to be able to quickly provide insights on utilization, compliance, and risk throughout the mobile fleet. Being able to take action based on these insights is core to managing the Android supply chain, and supply chain mobility in general.  Enhanced dashboards and reporting deliver scalability while keeping your most critical mobile deployments secure, available, and accessible.

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