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If your business produces any type of barcode on any type of product, the right barcode verifier will save you time and give you confidence in your barcoded product. The only way you can be sure your codes meet industry standards and are printing and scanning successfully is to use a barcode verifier or as some call it a barcode checker, that conforms to industry standards. We can provide you with Webscan’s barcode verification solutions that give you high-quality optics for barcode grading.

Webscan’s Product Portfolio

  • TruCheck Laser USB:  The TruCheck Laser USB barcode checker is engineered for Linear 1D and 2D symbologies. Barcodes such as UPC, EAN13, GS1 DataBar, Code 128, and Code39 are a few of the most common linear symbols supported by the system. UPC and EAN13 are used on a majority of the products that are purchased in stores, Code 128, GS1 128, and Code 39 are commonly used for packaging labels and codes used in back-end systems. The TruCheck Laser USB barcode verifier also verifies line scannable 2D symbologies such as the PDF417 family and GS1 DataBar composite codes are used in a variety of applications.
  • TruCheck Optima:  The TruCheck Optima is one of Webscan’s most versatile barcode checkers. This hand-held verifier works with all of your 1D and 2D barcode symbols and repeatedly gives accurate results. The Optima provides a fully integrated and hand-held imaging head, reducing human error and maximizing effectiveness. Thanks to Optima’s innovative design and integrated illumination, there is no focusing or aligning necessary.
  • The TruCheck Omni™:  The TruCheck Omni™ has an extra-large field of view (up to 6 inches wide) and super high resolution. You can select multiple regions within your image so you can verify every barcode on a blister card or several barcodes on a shipping label all at once. Verify your largest and smallest 1D and 2D codes with the same unit and get accurate results every time! Using its high resolution 5 MP camera, the TruCheck Omni™ accurately creates any size round aperture to higher precision than relative low-resolution competitive models.
  • TruCheck DPM Tower:  TruCheck DPM Tower boasts a 60mm wide field of view, laser focus indicator, and height that accommodates a part as tall as 12 inches. Same lighting angles as the TruCheck 2D DPM and TruCheck FlexHite DPM: 45, 30, and 90-degree. It is truly a bigger version of the TruCheck FlexHite DPM.
  • The TruCheck Rover™:  The TruCheck Rover™ from Webscan provides a fully integrated 2D CCD imager, integrated lighting, rechargeable battery, and touchscreen for verification without any connection to a PC or other host computer.

Benefits of Barcode Verification

  • Ensure consistency of your printing process
  • Verify compliance to GS-1 and ISO Barcode Standards
  • Maximize efficiency of your manufacturing process
  • Real-time quality control as you verify the output from your printer or code marking equipment
  • Validate text and barcodes for 100% traceability
  • Minimize returned goods due to bad labels
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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