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A key factor for operations in today’s fast-paced environment is for materials to be tracked online in real-time so managers, supervisors, and employees have a real-time view of the status of jobs and customer orders and can take appropriate corrective action as needed. Work-in-process tracking is performed using touch-screen tablets, barcode scanning, and mobile computers. This data is stored in a database where it can be viewed in real-time by those that need to stay up to date on the status of work orders as they progress through a series of production operations.

ValuTrack delivers a robust, yet affordable, software with extensive capabilities for tracking work in process in real-time. Our solutions can work stand-alone and can also automatically exchange data with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems as well as with quality control, process control, and test systems. Robust features allow for tracking WIP inventory separate from finished product inventory using the same part numbers, thereby avoiding issuing special part numbers for WIP. We can also help you track WIP in multiple units of measure and convert between them.

Work in Process Labor Tracking

Our production tracking software solutions focus on giving supervisors and managers and customer support people a real-time overview of the status of work orders as they progress through a series of production operations. We help you capture the labor used for each operation in a multi-step work order as well as the quantity processed during each employee work session on an operation. This real-time visibility gives you the power to make intelligent business decisions based on real-time data.

A work-in-process and labor tracking system can be used with inexpensive shared PCs equipped with corded scanners to record the labor and progress of work orders when employees work at fixed stations. It can also be used with mobile computers or Android tablets with integral barcode scanners when workers are more mobile.

Our work-in-process and labor tracking software solutions use a web browser interface and a Microsoft SQL Server database.  It can be hosted on a Windows Server in your own facility or at a used a remote data center or in the Cloud. Reports showing the status of jobs and the history of transactions can be viewed over the internet on any device supporting a web browser. Excel exports for subsequent labor and elapsed time analysis are also available for download on PCs.

ValuTrack can help provide a simple to use and affordable work order and labor tracking system for manufacturing and other industrial organizations that want to track the processing of individual items or batches of products. Should your organization need more complex operational tracking, such as material-flow tracking and traceability, tracking split batches, and tracking work-in-process inventory, please contact a ValuTrack Specialist to learn more about our Real-Time Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software solutions, as well as, more advanced materials tracking capabilities we provide.

Features that come with HAL Systems WIP Tracking:

  • Tracking the transformation of materials from raw materials to finished products.
  • Tracking work-in-process materials as they flow from production operation to operation.
  • Tracking labor consumed by individuals and teams on each operation for each work order.
  • Tracking materials consumed from stock on each operation of each work order.
  • Tracking depletion of floor stock based on back-flushing as WIP is reported out from each operation.
  • Tracking set-up, run, down, and cleanup time for equipment and machines.
  • Tracking scrap and rework, plus secondary materials produced by operations.
  • Tracking raw materials returned to inventory from jobs.
  • Tracking the quality control status of raw materials, WIP and finished goods.
  • Capturing materials traceability and defect prevention data.
  • Tracking work-in-process by lot and serial numbers, including tracking which materials went into each unit or batch.
  • Preventing mistakes by providing point-of-actions warnings when the wrong materials are about to be used for a work order operation.

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