Locating assets has quickly become the solution to help warehouses monitor their assets and optimize warehouse space. This is because it helps minimize shipping errors and maximize inventory visibility to boost the distribution process and your overall supply chain. Studies show that 62% of warehouses report human error from manual processes as the biggest cause of inventory fulfillment issues and 67% of warehouses indicate that being out of stock is the biggest inventory mistake that leads to lost customers. Additionally, studies estimate that 165 billion packages are shipped in the United States each year, and there is a 20% year-over-year increase. Therefore, if your business is suffering from high error rates and stockouts as a result of improper visibility, it could only get worse. In addition to maintaining effective visibility, asset locationing can help prevent these warehouse challenges from slowing down operations:

  • Optimizing warehouse capacity

  • Monitoring the temperature of your critical assets

  • Maintaining effective inventory management in tough environments

  • Finding new ways to optimize cross-docking and SKU proliferation

Achieving efficient tracking of your assets with real-time locationing helps achieve these challenges. Real-time locationing provides businesses with actionable intelligence and visibility into operations to help workers make better decisions. This improves operational efficiency and prepares businesses for shifting demands.

Empower real-time visibility for your warehouse with ValuTrack and Zebra.

Finding solutions to combat these issues and maintain effective visibility can be challenging because they need to be flexible and capable of higher accuracy. That’s why ValuTrack and Zebra partner to empower businesses with reliable asset locationing with these tools:

  1. Enhanced asset tagging on all surfaces – Maximizing the use of virtually all your assets comes with enabling real-time locationing of your inventory and equipment. Enhance label printing quality and empower on-metal asset tagging with Zebra’s ZT411 RFID on-metal tagging solution. Enable your workers to print and encode thicker metal tags to produce a more effective read range and deliver greater flexibility to your supply chain. Optimize printing and encoding Silverline labels with high-quality Zebra ribbons.

  2. Provide visibility into your larger spaces – Superior, real-time locationing provides warehouses with maximum asset visibility they need to enhance operational efficiency and workforce productivity. Choose advanced technology like Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS reader for technology that comes equipped with parallel multi-transmit and receive architecture, digital beam-forming, and a wide-angle array antenna to deliver superior location accuracy and coverage.

  3. Wirelessly monitor your products in challenging environments – Ensuring your products are monitored throughout the distribution process ensures an effective level of locationing in your business. With electronic temperature sensors, like Zebra’s S-400, businesses can wirelessly monitor environments containing temperature-sensitive products. Wireless sensors are Bluetooth-enabled and offer mobile connectivity and data sharing to help ensure your biological products are monitored throughout your supply chain.

  4. Enhance cross-docking amidst SKU proliferation – When you don’t have visibility to critical assets, your inventory accuracy suffers. This impacts cross-docking, especially when tracking numerous SKUs for similar products, thus diminishing warehouse productivity and efficiency. The right asset management system can reduce manual processes and downtime, improve workflows with accurate data, and save time and money. Implement complete location sensing of assets and inventory with Zebra MotionWorks Asset for information that leads to insights.

Real-time locationing helps reduce errors and improve warehouse operations. Contact us at ValuTrack to see how you can start improving inventory accuracy.

Strategies for Warehouse Modernization

Warehouse modernization is a strategic process aimed at enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of warehousing operations. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where e-commerce, global supply chains, and customer expectations are continually changing, modernizing warehouses has become a necessity. Learn more about how ValuTrack simplifies warehouse modernization to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.