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Zebra Workcloud Inventory Optimization Suite

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Workcloud Inventory Optimization Suite

Workcloud Inventory Optimization Suite

Ensure inventory aligns with demand and is visible, accurate and available for purchase with precise ordering and execution. Automatically pinpoint leaks across all channels to reduce waste and maximize potential.

Master Inventory, from Planning to Execution

With more SKUs and more ways to purchase than ever before, the pressure is on to optimize inventory at every level of your organization. Identify your top inventory management priorities when it comes to pre-season planning, in-season exeuction, on-shelf availability, inventory accuracy and loss prevention. Automate item-level visibility and intelligent insights to significantly improve inventory performance and your bottom line.
Improve On-Shelf Availability: Continuously monitor inventory in real time to know where it is, reduce out-of-socks and to stay compliant. Align ordering with consumer demand, catch pricing issues early and fulfill orders faster.
Heighten Inventory Accuracy and Visibility: Elevate the customer experience by accurately tracking levels of each SKU for better forecasting, ordering and execution. Automate tedious and error-prone workflows and identify hard-to-detect losses, such as non-moving inventory, phantom stock and more.
Reduce Shrink and Loss: Drive perfect orders aligned with forecasting to reduce lost sales, returns and waste. Close more investigations faster with fewer false positives. Increase control and gain a built-in way to monitor tasks all the way through to completion.

Workcloud Inventory Visibility

Want accurate, quality inventory counts? Workcloud Inventory Visibility, formerly Smartcount, is our turnkey, self-scan counting solution that delivers accuracy and savings of 25–50% compared to third-party vendors. No more scheduling hassles or paying rising fees. With meticulous guidance at every step, you’ll take control of your inventory to reduce shrink, increase on-shelf availability and lift sales.
Physical, Wall-to-Wall Inventory: A self-scan model delivers much greater inventory accuracy compared with third-party vendors. It’s also easier to plan for and manage since you aren’t depending on another company—and a lot more cost-effective. Receive expert support at every step and address any issues that arise with safeguards and audit trails.
Targeted Cycle Counts: Perform cycle counts as often as you need so you always know what you have and where you have it. Workcloud Inventory Visibility is simple to use, effective and expertly designed so you can deliver what your customers want.
Retail Returns Management: Stay on top of returns with a turnkey solution that has everything you need inside one kit. Buy or rent as you need, and see an immediate increase in productivity, a reduction of errors and a significant impact on your bottom line.
Trailer Tracking: With Zebra Workcloud Inventory Visibility Trailer Tracking, understand when shipments depart and arrive at your locations. Use barcoded trailer seals and customized reporting to better understand the movement of your inventory and improve inventory management processes.

Workcloud Actionable Intelligence

Strengthen loss prevention and improve sales by instantly communicating corrective actions to your front-line with Workcloud Actionable Intelligence (formerly Zebra Prescriptive Analytics). Utilize AI-generated insights to improve on-shelf availability and inventory accuracy and close the loop on more investigations with less effort by automatically assigning and tracking tasks.
Inventory: Identify and correct inventory inconsistencies a thousand miles away or around the next aisle. Find anomalies across your supply chain and direct your workforce on how to remedy them in near real time to reduce shrink and improve inventory accuracy.
Point of Sale: Workcloud Actionable Intelligence goes beyond reporting to automating decision making and execution. That means a better use of employees’ skills, improved sales execution, more closed investigations, fewer false positives and zero effort to confirm and provide a value to every action.
On-Demand Measures: Measures now created in the UI, on demand for the local view or persisted for shared use.
AI Anomaly Detection: Detect anomalies and patterns in data using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, understand the reason for the anomaly.
Descriptive Analytics: Exploratory data analysis on user-built views helping users understand  relationships between data points.

Workcloud Inventory Planning

Connect pre-season planning to in-season execution to maximize visibility, mitigate risks and drive organizational collaboration. AI maximizes your omnichannel ROI across purchasing, placement and pricing decisions to drive consumer adoption, resulting in increased profitability and greater consumer satisfaction.
Forecasting Allocation & Replenishment: Improve market responsiveness and inventory turn.
Lifecycle Planning: Pricing for fashion, specialty, and seasonal businesses.

Workcloud Inventory Ordering

Stay ahead of industry trends and achieve remarkable precision in inventory ordering and execution for on-time fulfillment, reduction of out-of-stocks and alignment to consumer demand for your allocated shelf space. Drive perfect orders aligned with best-in-class forecasting to reduce lost sales, returns and waste.
Demand Forecast & Planning: Evaluate every demand driver, including trends, seasonality, pricing, promotion, and events. Use intelligent, machine learning algorithms to strengthen business decisions. Automatically anticipate the demand of every consumer, in every location for every SKU. Generate accurate forecasts for all products including new, slow-moving, and end-of-life goods.
Available to Promise: Standardize decision criteria and align customer service strategy to front-line execution. Streamline order processing and enhance exception handling to remove lags and decrease number of expedites. Use consumption-based forecasting to sense consumer demand at a hyper local level.

Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Realize profitable results in today’s omnichannel retailing through coordinated optimization between pricing, allocation, and fulfillment.

Delivering the Future of AI Merchandising

AI is rapidly adding productivity and unleashing innovation and creativity.

Intelligent Order Promising

Ensure priority retail partners receive their fair share of the supply. Through antuit.ai’s Intelligent Order Promising Solution, businesses intelligently prioritize, promise, and allocate their inventory across all sales channels, including DTC.

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2700 BPS

Improvement in Forecast Accuracy


Increase in inventory turns without sacrificing margins


Increase in week sales from markdown optimization

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