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Zebra Workcloud Workforce Optimization Suite​

Zebra Workcloud Workforce Optimization Suite​2024-07-09T19:37:59+04:00

Workcloud Workforce Optimization Suite​

Workcloud Workforce Optimization Suite​

Optimize labor costs, empower employees, improve productivity, and maintain compliance. Create an agile operation that aligns scheduling to forecasted customer demand and execute real-time, prioritized tasks to drive sales and satisfied customers.

Optimize Scheduling. Raise Productivity. Engage Customers.

Manage your workforce with agility. Use the power and insight of AI to increase retention, elevate execution, ensure compliance and dynamically adjust plans to last-minute changes and customer demand. Zebra’s Workcloud Workforce Optimization Suite​ has the solutions you need to transform your workforce optimization process—and positively impact your entire operation. Powerful on their own, these solutions simplify workforce and task management and better connect the front line to work as a team. Together, they’re unmatched—transforming your operation and unlocking your productivity potential.
Schedule Smarter: Optimize budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling to empower your employees and manage workforce costs. Share resources across locations, departments, and roles, aligning schedules with customer traffic and employee skills, certifications, and preferences.​
Accelerate Task Execution. Elevate Operations​: Simplify work and streamline task execution for a more efficient, higher performing operation. Empower employees to complete their work with confidence and succeed in their roles with a clear understanding of tasks and directives.​
Track Time, Attendance, and Labor Compliance: Keep your employees and your operations compliant while optimizing timekeeping. Track time entry and labor to control costs and maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations.​

Workcloud Scheduling

Optimize budgeting, forecasting and scheduling to empower your employees, improve efficiencies and manage costs. Empower teams with control over their schedules and ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time, creating a more flexibile workforce that is better able to adapt to change and serve customers.
Scheduling: Workcloud Scheduling leverages the power of AI and analytics to improve the end-to-end scheduling process. Optimize forecasting, scheduling and shift management to drive stronger front-line engagement and achieve better financial results.
Self-Service: Workcloud Scheduling Employee Self-Service gives associates the flexibility to control their schedules on a mobile-first interface.
AI Staff Planner: Leverage the power of AI to optimize scheduling so on-site managers can make better informed scheduling, training and hiring decisions.

Workcloud Task Management

Send automatic task assignments, prioritized based on corporate initiatives and real-time data, directly to front-line team members. Ensure teams complete what needs to be done first with instant completion notifications. Get everything your employees need to enhance execution, including on-site walks and audits, standardized checklists and more.
Tasks: Workcloud Task Management​ streamlines execution and simplifies work to empower and engage your front-line teams.
Audits: Workcloud Walk ensures compliance by streamlining your on-site audits and inspections with real-time notifications, driving best-practice corrective actions.
Checklists: Workcloud Check enables you to quickly create, review and distribute organized and prioritized checklists for consistent execution of routine activities.
Messaging: Workcloud Comm enables intelligent, real-time messaging at every level of your organization with both peer-to-peer instant messaging and corporate-to-field communications.
Documents: Workcloud Docs streamlines document management and access control, giving you the ability to create, store, search and access all corporate documents from a user-friendly interface.
Forms: Workcloud Forms enables your front-line teams to quickly create, complete and escalate all digital forms used by your organization, saving time and eliminating the inefficiencies caused by paper-based forms.
Merchandising: Workcloud Visual enables consistent two-way communication and collaboration on visual projects. From store sets and window displays to endcaps and new signage, quickly execute and validate projects with the help of automated comparisons.

Workcloud Timekeeping

Keep employees and operations compliant while optimizing timekeeping. Track time entry and labor to control costs and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. Prioritize employee safety with touchless clocking. Maximize productivity with accurate attendance records and real-time visibility across the enterprise.
Timekeeping: Workcloud Time and Attendance provides time entry, labor tracking and payroll integration functionality, streamlining compliance with all applicable labor laws, rules and regulations.
Time Capture Devices: Enterprise Tablets, CC6000 Kiosks​, 2D Barcode​, RFID Proximity Badges​, Time clock w/ESS App​, Standalone timeclock app​, Time Clock (Windows and Linux)​, 3rd Party Clocks​, Biometric Devices​


Improve Line-of-Sight: Give corporate and field managers real-time visibility into the activities happening across all your stores, enabling them to manage by exception.
Control Labor Costs​: Eliminate excess labor costs from overstaffing, understaffing, and overtime expenses with accurate and visible timekeeping records.​
Spend More Time Serving Customers: Enable managers to spend more time on the floor serving customers with automated scheduling.
Increase Team Efficiency: Respond to real-time Information and enable store associates to be in the right place at the right time to tackle the most impactful in-store tasks.


Modernize Branch Operations: Streamline task assginments and execution across your entire branch network with mobile-first, easy-to-use solutions.
Optimize Branch Staffing: Create the right staff mix at the lowest cost for your branch with automated scheduling and AI-powered forecasting.
Pursue Profitable Activities: Prioritize operational tasks so branch staff can focus on customers and activities that generate revenue.
Maintain Accurate Records: Maximize productivity with accurate attendance records and real-time visibility across the enterprise.


Retain Your Best Employees​: Give frontline associates greater input into their schedule preferences and allow them to pickup shifts in alternate locations so they can reach their work-live balance and financial goals.​
Control Rising Labor Costs​: Align schedules with demand to prevent over- or under-staffing while meeting customer-demand. Avoid costs associated with violating regulations and unexpected overtimes.​
Simplify Timekeeping Processes: Streamline operations with automatic time and attendance monitoring, touchless clocking and voice commands.
Give Best-in-Class Customer Service​: As customer demands evolve and restaurants implement innovative ordering options to meet guests where they are, make sure the right employees are at the right place and time to ensure seamless execution of increasingly complex tasks.​

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