Supporting every aspect of your enterprise, operational visibility equips your team with crucial insight into current workflows and future supply chain trends through the use of tracking systems. Because your tracking system directly affects operational visibility, ValuTrack recommends thoroughly assessing your tracking system in order to mitigate order processing issues that could affect the whole supply chain such as:

  • Wasted labor

  • Out-of-stocks and device unavailability 

  • Inefficient storage space and delivery routes

  • Unreliable identification systems

Working alongside leading manufacturers and technology providers such as Zebra Technologies, ValuTrack has highlighted three common signs to look for when evaluating your tracking system.

What to look for:

What to Look for in a Tracking System

1. Delayed Shipping Schedules

From the time your inventory reaches the receiving dock, it must be properly accounted for, sorted, and stored. Efficient tracking systems can increase accurate order identification and shipment validation, protecting customer satisfaction and brand identity.

Accelerating throughout: To ensure accuracy and speed simultaneously, RFID tracking can help decrease trigger pulls by tracking inventory identification, storage requirements, and movement throughout the warehouse all through one label. Equipped with RFID labels, RFID-capable mobile printers, and Zebra’s long-range RFID scanners, your workforce can quickly assemble orders and validate them with 99.99% accuracy. Check out Zebra’s full line of RFID products in our brochure.

2. Complicated Workflows

Labor is wasted when employees struggle to use complex technologies while navigating through complicated warehouse layouts. Studies suggest the average American warehouse loses as much as 6.9 weeks on unnecessary motion, which equates to nearly $4.3 billion spent on unproductive efforts. Moreover, unnecessary labor devalues the employee, contributing to rising turnover rates, which can cost up to $7,000 to resolve.

Simplifying Workflows: Modernized tracking systems can streamline data capture and computing to minimize worker confusion. Devices like the ultra-rugged MC9300 combine intelligent scanning with workforce connectivity, reducing the number of devices workers carry throughout the day. Furthermore, new updated operating systems such as Android for Enterprise reduce training times due to their user-friendly platform and touchscreen adaptability.

3. Damaged/Overworked Printers

A damaged printer can hinder workflows by instigating costly downtime, which can severely drain your budget within a short timeframe. As your inventory count grows, so does the demand for dependable printing performance from both your printer and your consumables.

Optimizing printing performance: At ValuTrack, we understand that keeping up with upgrades can be financially difficult, which is why we recommend Zebra Certified Consumables which has been shown to reduce the likelihood of premature printhead failure. Zebra Certified Consumables are created with the pre-tested materials of your choice to ensure consistent quality that doesn’t scratch the printhead. Moreover, because labels are built with resistant adhesives, they retain identification information in a variety of environments (high heat, cold storage, high humidity, etc.). This means your inventory can be readily identified throughout the supply chain, without wasting consumables on reprints.

Improve Your Tracking System and Warehouse

Improve Your Tracking System and Warehouse

The indicators above are just some of the few ways you can start assessing your tracking system. For a more comprehensive strategy, contact our technology specialists to see how your devices compare to your demands. To learn more, speak with a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

Strategies for Warehouse Modernization

Warehouse modernization is a strategic process aimed at enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of warehousing operations. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where e-commerce, global supply chains, and customer expectations are continually changing, modernizing warehouses has become a necessity. Learn more about how ValuTrack simplifies warehouse modernization to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.