What are the 3 ways to reduce last-mile costs and the key performance indicators (kpis) of its success. In a world that emphasizes same-day shipping and instant gratification, optimizing last mile delivery is essential in order to remain competitive. However, as one of the most crucial steps in the supply chain, last mile delivery normally accounts for over 50% of overall shipping expenses, which has made businesses vary of integrating new technologies in an already-complex system. Time-consuming and expensive, last mile fulfillment costs an average of $10.1 per package without accounting for additional expenses such as:

• Delivery driver salary
• Fluctuating fuel costs
• Order size
• Idle wait times – like being stuck in a string of red lights
• Inaccurate deliveries
• High return rates

While there is no one-size-fits all solution in enterprise, the following three technologies have proven to be extremely valuable when it comes to minimizing shipping costs.

1. Real-Time Insights and Updates
As field teams travel farther on delivery routes, real-time connectivity allows teams to receive timely updates concerning orders and routes, eliminating at least 10% of expenses associated with out-of-route travel. Future-forward solutions such as RFID tracking and locationing can help equip supply chains with actionable insights that can be sent to field teams via their mobile device.

2. Flexible Cellular Networks

To secure a two-way communication system, flexible network options allow field teams to stay connected when they travel to remote. Devices such as Zebra’s TC77 touch computers facilitate two-way connectivity by enabling several networking options such as 4G, LTE, WiFi, and simultaneous support for two carriers.

3. Scanning and Printing Mobility

The last thing your field teams need is complicated technology. By simplifying basic tasks such as scanning and printing, you can empower teams to focus on other pressing matters and deliver better customer service. Devices such as the ZQ600 maximize ease of use with large color touchscreen displays, easy media loading, and faster printing speeds. Furthermore, simplistic scanners such the RS6000 add accelerated scanning capabilities without requiring new mobile devices since they each come with easy tap-to-pair functionalities.
To see which of these technologies would be the most beneficial to your operations, contact our specialists. For more information about of field service optimization solutions, reach out to a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].
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Last-mile expenses account for over 50% of your shipping costs.
Discover three ways ValuTrack is lowering costs with technologies made for field service

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).