To adapt to rising customer demands, more businesses are implementing warehouse modernization solutions that help them improve agility. Studies show 44% of warehouses are concerned with a lack of agility in the data warehouse development process. When warehouses aren’t flexible in the distribution process, it is tougher to adapt to customer demands, such as same-day shipping and perfect order accuracy. With more brands offering similar products, secondary factors such as shipping speeds, accuracy, and customer service are set to be the foundations to maintain customer loyalty. Without an adaptable modernization solution that meets demands, productivity and efficiency will drop, causing your business to be unprepared for the unpredictable.

To prevent damaging surprises, more businesses are currently in the middle of modernizing their operations to increase throughput with smaller labor efforts. From data capture automation to real-time inventory tracking, modernization strategies take many unique forms depending on the businesses, yet despite differences, top solution providers agree that a flexible modernization solution integrates the following factors:

  1. End-to-end enterprise mobility – Implementing innovative rugged mobile computers into your warehouse helps your workers stay mobile during their workdays. When your workers are more mobile and have innovative technology with them, they can accomplish workflows faster instead of having to walk and manually pick orders in the warehouse. This boosts warehouse productivity and efficiency. 

  2. Superior barcode printing capabilities – Your workers need to be able to print any barcode, in any condition. With ValuTrack’s industrial printing solutions, they can print an expanded range of barcodes, reduce downtime, eliminate return shipment costs, and increase inventory returns. The right printing solution delivers superior flexibility to streamline asset tracking and inventory management even when things get busy.  

  3. Higher durability standards – Tougher warehouse environments and higher demands mean that your workers need technology that can withstand their environments and read barcodes faster. In other words, consumer-grade devices, which are user-friendly, will ultimately harm the bottom line with increased repair costs. By selecting tougher hardware with higher operating temperatures and greater ruggedness, businesses eliminate downtime and operational costs since enterprise devices can also last much longer than their consumer-grade counterparts. 

  4. Minimized learning curves and maximize adoption speed  – Implementing advanced TE screen conversion helps new workers learn technology and adapt to technology faster and more efficiently. For example, Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation app facilitated fast TE app conversion into a touchscreen interface without extensive coding, so workers can navigate crucial apps quickly on a user-friendly platform. 

  5. Simplified device lifecycle management – Intelligent hardware must be paired with intelligent software to truly empower operations. That’s why Zebra’s mobile computers also come with secured Zebra Mobility DNA applications to accelerate business decisions, safeguard data, increase device functionality, and lower your total cost of ownership with consolidated workflows through one terminal. 

Capable technology modernizes your warehouse to meet demands. Contact us at ValuTrack to build an adaptable modernization solution.

Strategies for Warehouse Modernization

Warehouse modernization is a strategic process aimed at enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of warehousing operations. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where e-commerce, global supply chains, and customer expectations are continually changing, modernizing warehouses has become a necessity. Learn more about how ValuTrack simplifies warehouse modernization to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.

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