From inefficient warehouse layouts to broken technology, many uncontrollable factors can cause production bottlenecks. While recurrent downtime impacts productivity, it also harms inventory management systems as idle assets can be misplaced or unaccounted. Lastly, frequent bottlenecks contribute to worker stress which may lead to higher turnover rates as well as diminished customer satisfaction.

Although you can’t change the size of your loading dock, there is a better way to eliminate recurrent stagnant workflows with ValuTrack’s mobility solutions. Working with Newcastle Systems and Zebra Technologies, we are proud to present the All-in-One Mobile Receiving Station as the next level of workforce optimization, now offered by ValuTrack

Productivity Where You Need It


NewCastles Mobile Processing Station for Productivity Where You Need it

Newcastle’s Mobile Processing Station

Workers can spend over 1000 hours annually getting labels from poorly located processing stations. To reduce inefficient workflows, ValuTrack recommends bringing productivity to your workforce instead of the other way around. Using Newcastle’s mobile processing station, transport all your vital resources directly to the receiving dock.

  • Display processing forms with Receiving Software installed in an enterprise-grade monitor of your choice.
  • Capture even the most problematic barcodes with Zebra’s rugged wireless scanners.
  • Cut travel time with instantly printed labels delivered by Zebra’s high-performing industrial printers.
  • Secure maximum productivity with swappable batteries designed for unbroken uptime.

Streamline your operations to the receiving dock where assets can be scanned, tagged, and processed before hitting the shelf. By restructuring labor efforts through a multi-functional workflow, your new receiving system can lead to:

  • 63% increase in processed assets
  • Optimized labor efforts 
  • 75% reduction in overtime
  • 90% less labeling errors
  • Return of investment noticed as early as 3 months

To see the Mobile Receiving Station in action, watch our video:

Providing quality solutions for decades, ValuTrack is committed to your success. Experience the ease of mobile productivity when you contact ValuTrack to schedule a free demonstration of the Mobile Receiving Station. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].